25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas 2012 is just around the corner so some of us are already on the lookout for suitable gifts to give our loved ones. There is plenty to choose from this year, but what follows is just what we consider to be the most awesome gift ideas. There is almost certain to be something here that will be suitable for someone you know.




Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2012:

In the last few years the most popular gifts for men have been electrical items, but there is far more available than just this. There are some fantastic choices in 2012 when it comes to Christmas gifts for men. Some of the ones that are most worth a mention would include:

    • The third generation iPad (Apple iPad 3) was released in early 2012, and it is certain to be one of the best desirable gifts this year – of course it isn’t just men who are in love with this device. The new iPad comes with retina display and a much improved graphics processor. It gives users access to thousands of software applications that provide entertainment and increase productivity. This is an impressive machine and some people have even begun using it exclusively for all their computing needs – the new iPad has become a viable alternative to the laptop.

    • Kindle Fire is a real advance on previous Kindles, and it is a real competitor to the domination of the iPad.  This device is no longer just about books. It is now also possible to watch movies and TV shows (100,000 of them) – these can all be downloaded from Amazon. The nicest thing about the Kindle Fire is that it is so well designed and easy to use. It also comes with ultrafast web browsing and users of the device can enjoy free cloud storage – this means not having to download everything onto the device so that it takes up too much space. This device can also be used as a music player and there are 20 million songs that can be bought from Amazon.

    • It is not necessary to spend a fortune on men’s gifts to find something that will be well received. One of the cheaper options is a Banksy T- shirt. These are really fashionable and only cost about $20. They are made from 100% pre shrunk cotton and are available in many different colors.

    • Aftershave is probably the most popular Christmas gift for men ever. This year there seems to be a demand for retro smells and this is why Dunhill Edition Eau De Toilette Spray can be a good choice. This cologne has been in style since the eighties and shows no sign of going out of fashion. Giving this type of gift might not sound like the most original idea ever, but this will be something that most men like to use.

    • There was a time when men’s jewelry was a risky gift to give – some men just didn’t used to feel comfortable with this type of item. Times have changed and now more and more men are starting to adore these items. One of the nicest pieces around at the moment is the Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet with Diamond-Accent. It looks like a really luxurious items but it can actually be picked up for around $99. The good thing about this type of jewelry is that it can look good with both formal and casual wear. This is a gift that is likely to be used for many years – long after the latest iPad has gone out of fashion.





Best Christmas Gifts for Women 2012:

There are plenty of great Christmas gifts for women too this year including:

    • The new iPhone 5 is the long-awaited successor to the popular iPhone 4S produced by Apple. The
      latest phone is packed with outstanding features, improved hardware and a new 4 inch screen – the
      largest ever seen on an iPhone. Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system turns the iPhone 5 into a real
      entertainment center, with the ability to download over 700,000 different software applications,
      and new technology has been packed into the rear and front facing cameras. With the release of the
      iPhone5, Apple has taken their line of smartphones to the next level and it is hard to see how they
      will top it in the future.

    • The Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Classic Hooded Wool Coat is both fashionable and practical – it looks a bit like a duffle coat. It is nice and warm for those of us who live in cool climates, and it also looks eye catching. It is impossible to walk around wearing this coat without feeling at least a little glamorous. It is made from 60% wool and comes with large knot buttons. It also comes with a wide black belt.

    • Sushi is extremely popular at the moment, but most people will only eat this when they visit a Japanese restaurant or when they purchase it already made. Those who are adventurous in the kitchen might appreciate a copy of the cookbook – YO! Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook. This has 120 of the most popular sushi recipes and most of these are easy to make. Apparently none of these recipes takes more than thirty minutes to create so this is going to be of interest to women on the go. The book was written by sushi expert Kimiko Barber so those who follow the instructions will be sure to make some fantastic tasty dishes.

    • Coffee lovers might appreciate a gift of the Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer. The attraction with this device is that it guarantees never having to drink cold coffee again. This product has been built to North American standards so it should give many years of service. It comes with a generous amount of cord so this means that it will be easy to use most places that have a power outlet. There is a light indicator to show when it is working, and there is also an on and off switch. It is important to keep in mind that this device is not designed for bringing water to the boil – it only functions to keep your coffee warm enough to drink. This is a good choice for women who work in an office and are regularly called away from their desk – of course this gift would also be a good choice for men as well.

    • Clutch handbags are in fashion at the moment and one of the nicest and reasonably priced around is the Rebecca Minkoff Fairy Tale Clutch. This cute looking bag is nice and bright and is sure to cheer people up if they are suffering from the winter blues. The bag is made from carefully woven stray, and it comes with orange leather fasteners. The designs of Rebecca Minkoof have been popular recently with celebrities, but they are affordable enough that they are in the price range of most of us.

    • The Mele & Co. Bette Cherry Finish Jewelry Chest is a nice gift for women who have a bit of jewelry that they want to keep somewhere nice. This jewelry box looks beautifully old fashioned and it comes with five drawers – each of these benefits from pearl drawer pulls. The chest has a cherry wood finish, and there is suede fabric lining inside. It is solidly made and should have enough room to hold the average jewelry collection.






The best gift ideas for boys in 2012 include:

    • WowWee Robosapien Humanoid Toy Robot with Remote Control is likely to be one of the most popular toys for boys in 2012. This is the most advanced kid’s robots around and it has been designed by a NASA robotics physicists. It looks similar to a Star Wars storm trooper. It is programmable to react to different stimuli such as sound or touch. It is able to perform 6 different Kung Fu moves. Even the fussiest boy is going to be impressed with capabilities of this machine – most dads will like it too. One of the most impressive things about this robot is that the moves are so fluid – this is the robot that we used to dream of having as a child.

    • Elmo is always a popular choice with young kids and Let’s Rock Elmo is a good option this year. Inside the box are two instruments – a drum set and tambourine. Depending on which one he is asked to play he will react differently. It is also possible to purchase additional instruments such as a guitar or keyboard. Those kids who are musically talented (or even not musically talented) will be able to join in the band. Elmo is able to play six popular songs – there is also a microphone in the box so that he can sing his little heart out. This gift will probably work best with pre school kids who are older than 18 months. It is possible to pick up this gift for about $33.

    • Ninjago is extremely popular at the moment so the Ninjago Fire Temple by Lego is likely to be another good choice for boys older than 8 years old. This temple comes with 1174 different pieces so it is going to keep kids entertained for hours at a time. It includes many of the main Ninjago characters including; Sensei Wu, Samukai, Lord Garmadon, and Zane. It also comes with a nice selection of weapons in the box. The temple can be split to release the fire dragon.

    • Battery powered cars are always a good choice for boys and in 2012 the Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer is well worth checking out. This is a sturdy car that is able to go to places that other battery operated kids cars just can’t manage – this is because it comes with something called monster traction. It is reasonably powerful little machine and on full power it is able to travel at 5 miles per hour. It actually comes with two speed settings – on for beginners and one for more advanced users. Fisher Price has put a bit of effort into making this car secure, and it comes with a steel frame. It comes with a 12 volt battery and charger. It is suitable for kids older than 3.






This year the best gift ideas for girls include:

    • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Princess Castle is going to be a popular choice in 2012 for girls under 10 years of age. Many parents complain that doll houses these days tend to be made of plastic and feel a bit cheap. The Deluxe Folding Princess Castle is an exception to this – it is well made and beautifully designed from solid wood. The detail in the artwork on the castle is impressive, and apparently all this work is done by hand. It comes with a working drawbridge and two removable turrets. This castle is ideal accommodation for smaller dolls, and it is sure to keep a young girl happy for hours.

    • Fashion Design Studio has been around for a couple of years but it continues to be hugely popular. It gives girls the opportunity to play at designer. In the process they learn how to sketch designs, sew, and choose the right materials – just like a real fashion designer. This is the perfect gift for girls who are interested in fashion, and it is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

    • These days it seems like every device comes with an in built camera, but while these tend to function well they are not really much fun. The Fujifilm INSTAX MINI Film Camera is a beautifully designed and robust camera that comes with a pink trim and so will be of appeal to many older girls. It has a built in flash and produces prints that are about the size of a credit card. It has a real retro look about it but it benefits from modern technology. It is a nice gift that is sure to bring years of usage.

    • The Smart Planet MCM-1 Mini Cupcake Maker is going to appeal to any budding chefs out there. It comes with a recipe book so that users can be creating muffins and cupcakes within minutes. This device has been built specifically for young people so it is safe for girls of almost any age to use. There are a few different kids’ cupcake makers on the market but this is one of the better ones.

    • The Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablet means never having to use paper again. This is a LCD writing surface that is able to capture and record every stroke. There is also no need to use any special writing instruments in order for it to work – even your figure will do. The screen is fairly sensitive so it is possible to draw pictures that are very detailed. It is also a handy size so that it can be easily carried around in a school bag.





Best Christmas Gifts for Kids in 2012:

Buying gifts for children can be particularly difficult because things go in and out of fashion so quickly – this becomes more of a problem as kids get older. There are plenty of great gifts available this year for children. Some of our favorites include:



    • Last year Leapfrog released their first tablet, and this became one of the most sought after items for both young boys and girls. This year they are hoping to grab people’s attention again with the Leapfrog Scribble and Write device. This is aimed at the under fives and costs about $21.99. The whole ethos with this company is to make learning fun and the object here is for young children to practice drawing letters, numbers, and simple shapes. They also learn how to draw some easy pictures. One of the best things about this latest offering from Leapfrog is that it is self contained – there is no need to keep on buying more games or accessories.

    • Air swimmers were a big hit last year, and they seem to still a good choice for kids of all ages. These are inflatable fish that swim smoothly through the air. They come with a remote control so that you can completely control their movements. The fact that it is an inflatable means that even the most excitable child is unlikely to do much damage – although you may want to avoid using the device around objects that can be easily pushed over and broken. This is actually something really relaxing about watching these floating fish pass through the air so this is a toy that most adults will get a kick out of as well.

    • Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks ABC may seem a bit old fashioned, but that is the nicest thing about them. These blocks are beautifully made and most parents will remember playing with something similar when they were young. As well as having numbers these blocks also come with animal pictures and math symbols. Alphabet blocks help kids learn while at the same time using their imagination to build things – it is the sort of product that never gets old. Every kid should have at least one block set, and this is the type of product that you are going to want to cherish forever.





Christmas Gifts that infants would love:

    • The Baby Einstein Neptune Soother is a really attractive toy that uses real life ocean imagery. It also comes with soothing sea sounds to help keep infants calm and relaxed. There are four different play modes to choose from and it is possible to change not only the music but also the light display. The Neptune Soother comes with soft edges so it should be safe for even the liveliest infant.

    • Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Click ‘n Learn Remote looks like a remote control, but it comes with different function that will keep infants entertained. This is an educational toy that aims to teach these young people about cause and effect – if they press this button this will happen. It is also going to be helpful at encouraging the baby’s fine motor skills. The device is in suitably bright colors and has been designed to withstand rough play.

7 Responses to “25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Christmas”

  1. Jen

    Oct 20. 2012

    Search pet TickleMe Plant….amazing

  2. lovely

    Oct 25. 2012

    I saw an interesting apple shaped TV, good for my mom!
    thanks for the info. gerat layout!

  3. custombetty57

    Oct 30. 2012

    Last Christmas my best friend gave me a really nice wooden Christmas ornament. It had my name and a picture of a reindeer engraved on it. It was super cool and I found out that a firm out in Colorado called Unique Custom Products made it. I am considering ordering from them this year…check them out if you like wooden itemswww.stampworldonline.com.

  4. Carly H

    Nov 12. 2012

    The hot toy around here are the SeatPets. My 5 yr old and her friends love them and sing the jingle all the time. They are cute stuffed travel toy/pillows but they can play with them anywhere. They are only available onlinewww.seatpetfun.com

  5. Charlie S

    Nov 12. 2012

    I like kid’s tablets. This way they play with their’s and leave my phone alone. The Kurio 7 looks like any other tablet and does the same as all the others and with a camera will for sure keep my kids busy. But the nice thing about the Kurio 7 that it has parental controls. Love it! Actually is affordably priced at Toys R Us and Walmart.

  6. Dan

    Jan 07. 2013

    Love the power wheels dune racer. My son was looking over my shoulder and says he wants one for his birthday.


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