Top 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts in 2012

Have you been wondering what to give your dad for his special day? He might have already received what you think he needs and wants, but you’ll never know what could surprise him if you try harder to find out which present would make him a lot happier than he would be. Here are suggestions on gifts you can give to your beloved dad this father’s day. So below are the 10 best Father’s Day Gifts – 2012


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10. His Family Tree

Nothing could touch his soft side more, than showing him all the members of his family in a self-made family tree. Be as creative as possible and put him at the center of it so he’ll never forget the Father’s day he’ll have with you this year.



9. Custom-made Shirt

We wear a shirt everyday and the ones we usually use at home are very comfy ones. Get a plain shirt that’s ideal to be worn at any day and have the family write some adjectives or any description of your dad on it. Put a smile on his face as he wears it each day as he recalls how much he is being loved.



8. Tickets to a Sports Game

No dad would give a frown to sports tickets. If you want to give him a blast at his holiday, then reserve tickets for him in a football, baseball, or basketball game! If you want to see him enjoy this present, then don’t forget to purchase extra tickets so that you can have a bonding moment that you dad can remember.



7. Sports Equipment

You should know what sports your dad love to play. Instead of giving him new equipment for his favorite game, how about challenging him to learn a new one? Get him to wear gears that he has never used before, (or those you think he had wanted to try) and take him to a practice learning that new thing!



6. Books about His Hobbies


Working dads don’t have the convenience to go around the mall and go to bookstores to find books they could be interested in. If you have that time, go to the nearest bookshop and see if you could find anything that might make him hug you. Look particularly for the ones that you’re sure he would really be engaged in, if you don’t want it to end up in the attic, even though nobody has ever read it from cover to cover.



5. Fishing Equipment


Not all dads may really love fishing, but most fathers actually do. Replace your dad’s old and rusty fishing tools with new and advanced ones to make him smile, every time he goes out to fish! As you do, don’t forget to get yourself some too, so you don’t leave him waiting for a catch alone.



4. Exotic Cooking Ingredients

Now who doesn’t like trying something new? Give your dad a break from the everyday menu that he could cook with his eyes closed by getting him cooking ingredients that are not so common in your place! There might be a risk to the taste of your dinner, but you could show confidence in your dad’s cooking skills by giving him parts of a dish that he may have never used before. Specialty markets that sell ingredients from other continents are your best friends as you look for these unique presents.



3. Cooking Tools


If your dad is a chef wannabe (or if he is actually a chef!), then you could delight him on Father’s Day by giving him new and shiny cooking tools like pots, pans, and knives to make his time in the kitchen more fun! Some things we use in the kitchen don’t get replaced not because we don’t want them to be, but because we just forget to. So go and do your dad a favor, and get him some sharp and flashy kitchen tools.



2. New Gadgets


Although it is obvious that your dad wouldn’t really care much about the current trends and improvements in technology, you could help him realize how much convenient communication has become because of state-of-the-art gadgets that have recently been made. He will be amazed by some features of today’s phones that he would never have thought to be included in a “phone.” Astonish him by giving him something he would not really buy for himself: a new gadget!



1. DIY Tools


We all know that when something needs to be fixed at home, we always call our dad first. We don’t need to call a repairman because the man of the house already knows what to do. One of the most effective motivations for someone to work on things to be fixed and improved is the use of new and improved tools. It is not because of the newness that excites them, it’s the constant enhancements on these tools that arouse their curiosity to use them. So if you want to surprise your dad with new stuff to try, buy him modernized tools that would make his work easy!


I hope you have enjoyed reading the list about best Father’s Day Gifts in 2012, Please let us know in the comments area below that what are you going to gift your father.


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