Top 10 Most Affordable Hotels in London

London has a wide variety of attractions that people can get in for free; but London is also one of the most expensive destinations in the world. With meals that can send wallets into overdrive with hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of debt, and hotels that can empty a bank account in only a few short nights, many people are unsure where they can find affordable accommodation. Never fear, though, because the truth is that London has a number of budget hotels with a high standard of luxury. So here are 10 most affordable hotels in London that provides luxury and better living atmosphere in affordable price.


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10. The Jesmond Hotel (£80)

This hotel was originally a private residence and looks a lot like the iconic Downing Street home of the prime minister. As can be expected from a private residence, the place is the pinnacle of elegance with marble surroundings and open fireplaces. To cap it all off it’s an English garden in that same Georgian style that hasn’t changed since it was created.



9. The Pavilion (£100)

The Pavilion is a place where each of the 30 rooms are dedicated to a musician. Metallica, Honky Tonk Afro, and Casablanca Nights are just some of the themed rooms. The music is very classical and those who are part of the older generation will find staying here to be a very pleasurable experience. Faces like Duran Duran and Naomi Campbell have turned up to this hotel before so it must be good!



8. The Hoxton (£69)

The Hoxton has always been famous for its £1 per room offers, but for those who can’t get one of those offers it’s still affordable. A free small breakfast is delivered to all rooms and the grill restaurant next door can supplement this as well. It’s food, it’s modern and innovative interior designs, and the rates regularly fluctuate. This really is the hotel if swiping a deal is on the card as it’s one of the most in-demand hotels in the whole city.



7. Arran House Hotel (£97)

The main attraction here is the social history of this location. This Georgian residence has held everything from a musician, a famous sculptor, and a media baron. But if history isn’t of interest then there’s always the private rose garden and a DVD library to get stuck into. Generally, the rooms are luxurious and consist of all the necessary tools; however, the history of the place is the main selling point here.



6. 55 (£65)

The theme of this hotel is that everything is in doubles. Naturally, there are 26 bedrooms. But each is outfitted with muted and pale colours so it doesn’t seem as if it’s imposing itself on anything. Unique attractions in this hotel include the fact that there’s a garden that allows guests to hang around outside with a drink, a Japanese restaurant, and a 24-hour bar that serves all sorts of drinks at budget prices. Just beware of the supply and demand booking system they employ here to avoid disappointment.



5. Avo Hotel (£79)

In a number of languages the word ‘Avo’ means welcome. That really symbolises this hotel as black tiles and Egyptian cotton sheets makes each room feel as if it’s the last word when it comes to luxury and intimacy. What’s advantageous for those visitors who are always on the go is that it’s in a prime part of London where the trendy area of Hackney and the tube station are literally on its doorstep.



4. Twenty Nevern Square (£79)

What makes this hotel so unique is that all the rooms are different. Each of the 20 rooms has its own designs and their own colour schemes. The themes range from European townhouses all the way to bedrooms in the style of the Far East. Luxury is at the centre of everything here as the bathrooms are covered in marble and the hotel itself is situated away from things with its own little square. This is the perfect place to relax at the end of a punishing day visiting London.



3. Arosfa Hotel (£97)

This Georgian townhouse, with its imposing and stylish dark bricks, is what this hotel is made out of. This hotel is situated in a unique area of the city as the largest academic bookstore is opposite the hotel and second hand bookshops are scattered around the immediate area. Guests who decide to stay here are welcome to use the immaculately kept gardens in order to read, relax, and perhaps even have a little nightcap.



2. Stylotel (£85)

Aluminium walls, glass furniture, and mirrors on the ceiling are just some of the wacky things that visitors will find here. Even though the hotel is actually created out of two 19th century houses, the inside is a glimpse into the year 3000 as this ultramodern style dominates proceedings. The bedrooms are able to fit a large number of people and can be reshuffled for each guest. Paddington Station is also close by so there’s no need to spend hours walking around the city.



1. Church Street Hotel (£90)

Experience the spirit of Cuba and Spanish-America by staying in this hotel. With complimentary hot sauce and chocolate in a cigar box, the individually-furnished rooms are the perfect places to unwind and relax. All of the decorations are authentic and use traditional Cuban spiritual beliefs to influence the colours used and the artwork displayed.

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