10 Best Restaurants in London

Making your way through London and looking at all the wondrous sites all day is very tiring. And when people get tired they get hungry. The good news is that since London is one of the most diverse locations in the world it has food and eateries for all tastes and all styles. That’s why this list has provided a number of restaurants that just have to be seen as they have been rated as the best; and not just because a famous chef happens to own it. Below is the list of best restaurants in London – 2012


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10. Nobu Berkeley

The food is phenomenally good, even if the 15% service charge makes this restaurant a money burner. The food is a mix of Peruvian and Japanese good, which most people didn’t know existed. Here there’s a youthful vibe that really makes diners feel welcome. There’s also a downstairs bar where diners can congregate and have their drinks served by Amazonian bar staff. Also, remember to visit the sushi bar as this is another perk to dining here.



9. Bar Boulud

This restaurant has been brought to London straight from New York as Daniel Boulud, a successful chef with restaurants baring three Michelin stars, has brought all of his favourite dishes to the shores of London. It’s actually quite a unique mix of foods on the menu as it’s possible to choose from the fine hams on offer whilst also ordering a New York burger. Rhone and Burgundy are the wines on the menu here. This really is an intimate restaurant with its curved ceilings and cosy interior.



8. Fox & Anchor

Dickensian styles can easily be spotted when this place is walked into. It feels like an old coaching inn as it also doubles as a mini hotel. With six bedrooms upstairs it’s possible to actually book a room to enjoy a heavenly night after dinner. Meat is the main item on the menu here, but steak tartar and oysters are also common things that are seen on the menu. Those who care about the local area will also be happy to know that this is a restaurant that has had its ingredients locally-sourced for over 100 years.



7. The Anchor & Hope

Consisting of farmhouse furniture and simple floors, London’s finest dishes are served here. There are no bookings allowed here and anybody can walk in when they like. Roast chicken, new potatoes, and butter melted over warm peas are just some of the British dishes available here. Waiting times can be long, but the food is undoubtedly worth it. It’s a perfect place to bring one’s partner as it really does feel like a high-class English pub.



6. Petersham Nurseries

This is a very romantic place to be as the path is actually lined by hedgerows with authentic greenhouses. It’s very much away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enables people to relax. Serving a variety of dishes sourced from local ingredients expect roasted rhubarb and raw artichokes for a flavour explosion. Just beware of the fact that actually getting a reservation can be the battle of a lifetime.



5. Mark’s Bar

Although this is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of dishes, it’s essentially a place for liquor connoisseurs all around the world. It does serve the traditional drinks, such as the Martini, but it also deals in one of the most historical menus in the world. It serves 16th century British ales, which consists of warm apples and spices. Combine this with the New York style bar interior and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a great night.



4. Bob Bob Ricard

Diners will find that Bob Bob Ricard is one of the most original restaurants around. Owned by a Russian, the restaurant is a mix of American Diner and classy restaurant. This is reflected in the menu as burgers and Russian Ravioli can be found next to each other. That’s not all, though, there’s actually a button in each booth that allows people to press it and receive a bottle of champagne.



3. J Sheekey’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

As can be gleaned from the title, this restaurant specialises primarily in world-class oysters. Other seafood is also served as cockles and mussels are on the menu for seafood lovers everywhere. Wash it down with the most expensive champagnes from all around the world and that’s a perfect night out. Again, this is another restaurant that’s considered in the same league as the Ivy and the Wolseley.



2. The Wolseley

This restaurant is the place to be seen and has supposedly taken over the Ivy’s crown as the place for the rich and famous. Admittedly, this isn’t the place for those who don’t want to splash some cash, but if a table can be found then sitting in the style of a European tearoom can be a unique and relaxing experience. Both breakfast and dinner are served so choose from a wide variety of continental dishes, including oysters.



1. Polpo

Polpo is a tapas-style restaurant that aims to provide a simple experience for the simple diner. There are no velvet curtains and golden tables here. All people get here is some regional Italian dishes that are simply scrumptious. Diners who have eaten at Polpo have recommended the Italian meatballs on a frequent basis. The only problem is that there’s no booking so it’s just a matter of turning up and hoping for the best.

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