Top 10 Best Hotels in London

With the hundreds of hotels in London it can be a difficult to find a place to stay. There are hotels for all tastes and in all styles; this can be a part of the problem as it can get quite tricky to choose just one. However, the following hotels are considered to be the best hotels in London and will be able to appeal to anybody.


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10. The Boundary Hotel

This used to be a former Victorian warehouse and consists of two modern restaurants and visitor rooms, with each possessing its own fashion. Bauhaus and Hoffman are just two of the designers whose styles have infested one of the twelve rooms. Expect ultimate luxury when coming to the Boundary Hotel, though, as king-sized beds and flat screen TVs are all on offer. Prices start from around £200 here.



9. The Zetter

This little modern hotel is the perfect place to unwind in. With the unique designs provided by retro-modern artists visiting this hotel is something that can never be forgotten. It’s certainly one of the most original hotels around as it has vending units on the floor to serve everything from spring water to wine. This all comes from a 1,500ft bore well that runs through the whole of the hotel. Advanced technology is the name of the game here, and it can be used by anyone who can pay the prices that start from £108 per night.



8. Rough Luxe

There are marks of English upper class abodes and the stylish city abodes of the 21st century here. There are incomplete surface areas, high quality items to adorn the rooms, and contemporary artwork from some of the most talented artists around. Only some of the nine rooms have their own bathrooms, but it’s easy to order a room specifically with its own bathroom. The only word of warning is that things are quite pricy here as prices start from £140 per night.



7. Andaz

This Liverpool Street hotel with its old-fashioned Victorian structure is the perfect place to be if personal services are an important factor. Checking in is incredibly fast as the receptionist runs over to you as soon as you make it through the door and all the luxuries expected are available right from the start. Flat screen televisions and mini bars are what can be found in this hotel. Expect prices to start from roughly £100 a night.



6. 40 Winks

This is perhaps the smallest hotel in London as 40 Winks only has two rooms. It’s actually a four-storey property house and has massive rooms without all the people. It’s one of the strangest hotels to be in, but it draws people in on a constant basis. Prices for single rooms start from £90 and prices to hire out the hotel for events are as low as £25.



5. The Soho Hotel

The Soho Hotel is a luxury hotel in one of the most well-known areas of the city. If going out and having a good time is the aim of a London trip then this is the hotel to be at. With each room individually furnished with oak bathrooms, large televisions, and DVD players it could be possible that visitors might not even want to leave their hotel. However, the prices match the luxury as rooms start from £213 per night.



4. The Hoxton Hotel

Expect to see some tradition in this hotel as open fire places, leather furnishings, and visible brickwork are seen in all the rooms. It feels exactly like a country hotel and can be a welcome break from all of the noise and alarms of the city of London. On top of this, it has a famous £1-a-room deal that runs every so often. But if this deal isn’t available then rooms will start at about £59 a night. Oh and breakfast is available at no additional cost.



3. Hotel 41

This is a luxury hotel with five stars that caters to a long list of famous faces. It brags about providing an experience symbolising that of a private club. It provides this by having a black mahogany style that’s reminiscent of traditional English upper class styles. As can be gleaned from the name, it has exactly 41 rooms and each of them have their own fashions so with every visit it’s possible to feel as if it’s a completely different hotel.



2. The Pavilion Rock and Roll Hotel

Starting at a low £48 for a night, the Pavilion Rock and Roll Hotel embodies what it means to be trendy. As a hotel that’s located in Sussex Gardens, this family-run hotel take a lot from the local fashion community with their non-traditional layout and its overall style. It’s quite easy to spot 70s inspired Rock and Roll styles here with bands such as Enter the Dragon and Metallica making an appearance.



1. Church Street Hotel

Situated in South London, this hotel consists of a very Cuban style. Sadly, there are no free Cuban cigars available, but a cigar box is given with some Green and Black’s chocolate with a bottle of hot sauce. This is a piece of Havana in London and really gets the taste buds rocking. With great value in terms of price, the Mexican flooring and the art work portraying Cuban spirits and beliefs, this is the perfect place to be in South London. Prices start at a low £55 per night.

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