10 Affordable Father’s Day Gifts Under $20

You might probably be going through a tough time budgeting your money, but still want to get your dad an unforgettable father’s day gift. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one going through that.  It might be because you’ve already made your best efforts in making your dad happy in his birthday that’s why you forgot to find something really nice for him for this occasion. Whatever your reason for not being 100% ready for Father’s Day, just remember that gifts don’t have to be costly to bring warmth and joy to your father’s heart.  Here is a list that will give you ideas on affordable Father’s day gifts under $20



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10.  Surplus Wristwatch

If your dad already owns a classy watch, then this option may not be the most viable one. But if he doesn’t care for the price of what he wears, go get him a watch that is not very pricey so that he has a lot of options to choose from! Some people tend to forget even the most important things they always need with them. Your dad might always forget his ticker, so don’t hesitate to buy for him this affordable father’s day gift under $20.



9.  Modern Design Earphones

Your dad doesn’t need to be a music enthusiast for him to need an earphone. These are used for cellular phones and other devices. You can get or buy a pair of it from the music and electronics stores. This kind of stuff usually hangs around your house so you have to make sure that you have an extra pair, in case that you misplaced them.



8. Black Leather Shoes

Who says there’s a limit to how many shoes your father can own? Shoes are one of the outfits that you can have so much of. Like dresses or shirts, you can match your shoes’ style to our dressing style and to the occasion. Don’t ever think that an extra pair of shoes won’t be used by your dad. He would be in so much relief to know that he owns a back up pair lying quietly on the shoe rack!



7. Tiny Flashlights

Any emergency equipment should always be found on the top of your dad’s list of things he wants to own. Whether in a power failure, a visit to a dark place, or a walk to the park at night, flashlights are very handy tools. You can buy some of these for a very low price.  Add this to your considerations of affordable father’s day gifts under $20!



6. Kitchen Knives

Now who doesn’t like to have extra cutting tools in the kitchen? It’s not only your mom that will appreciate an added knife in the cookery, your father will too. As you know, you don’t need to buy very luxurious gifts to please your dad. Just add it to his collection of knives to use in preparing meals for the family would already be sure to put a smile on his face!



5. Shirts under $20

You may have wondered why some signature clothing cost a LOT. We’ll, you’re not alone. The quality of clothing depends on its materials, and not on its price. So never think that you need to buy your dad a very extravagant shirt to make sure it will last long with him. Look for shops that sell cheap, but sturdy and even flashy shirts where you could get your dad one to add to his wardrobe.



4. Exotic Perfume


When you hear the word “perfume”, you usually think that you’ll need to spend a lot to get one. But that may not always be true if you find shops where they sell perfumes that are so desirable even if they’re inexpensive. It wouldn’t hurt if you would include it to your dad’s collection of fragrances. He might want to smell a little different once in a while.



3. Swiss Army Knife

Guys who have this set would look a lot cooler and manlier. No one could argue with that. With so many tools put into one, your dad would never be less than happy if he gets this multi-purpose tool on his special day!




Do you really need an explanation for this one? Having a lot of options which golf bag to bring to a game would make your dad’s golf days a lot more enjoyable. You will need some luck when looking for a good, economical golf bag because only those that are second hand may be low-priced.



1.     Baseball cap

It’s not just to cover the head from heat, but also to show support to a favorite team. What better way for you to show your dad how much he is loved by giving him a cap with his team’s logo? This is definitely on top of the list of affordable Father’s day gifts under $20, and you should consider getting one for this occasion!


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