10 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We all owe a lot to our fathers as when we were little kids, he was the one to fulfill our basic needs and motivate us to achieve many milestones which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. So on the eve of Father’s Day, we should really make it special for them. The question is how to make it special? The answer is definitely not giving ties as a gift to your father as this is now a very old-fashioned gift. You will surely not like your father to open up a tie-store, will you, huh? Anyways, I have got some very interesting gift ideas for you on the father’s day occasion.


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10. Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker

Everybody wants his father to be hale and hearty forever. This is the right thing for your father then. This device actually uses a 3D motion sensor which records certain things such as daily steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and stairs climbed.



9. Leupold GX-2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

How about a wonderful gift of Leupold GX-2 Digital Golf Rangefinder to your golf-loving dad? It hardly matters whether he is a pro golfer or an amateur. This handy device is very useful as it gives reliable information on distance to the pin, sand traps and other objects that happen to come in the path.



8. EvolutionMAN

It is actually a range of items for men which you can gift. It consists of antioxidant-rich “Wash & Buff” exfoliator and a matte moisturizer with UVA/UVB protection. With this in hand, now your dad doesn’t have any excuse of not taking you out on a Sunday to nearby picnic spot because it is hot. These products are meant for healthy skin and keep one refresh all day long!



7. CEIVA Digital Photo Frames

This product gives your dad the combination of professional work and family moments. How? On CEIVA Digital Photo Frames, one can share family pics and messages via wireless internet and on the other hand, at office one can watch news on it or watch favorite football match. Alas! MAN U was eliminated in group matches. Did you see that? Well, I guess you were at office and didn’t have CEIVA Digital Photo Frames. Lol



6. A-Z of 21st-Century Cars

Hey! This is not a kid’s cars collection type thing. Tony Lewin is the author of this book and it is about the best cars of the 21st century. Even if your dad is not a car-lover, this book will make him one.



5. Travelpro Platinum 7 Soft Duffel Bag

My father is a doctor and has to fly frequently to different countries to attend medical conferences. For those of you, whose dad’s nature of job involves much flying then this bag is the best option as a gift. This bag has a lot of room inside and comprises of many components to avoid the mixing up of things. Furthermore, leather monogram patch and black nickel accents give it a luxurious look.



4. Wines That Rock Gift Collection

Nothing matches the amazing moment of wine-tasting late at night in the middle of your garden under full moon, while remembering good old days of your life. “Wines That Rock Gift Collection” is from Mark Beaman and the wine has a wonderful taste.



3. Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket

Does your dad always sneeze and feel cold after coming back from a wintertime hikes and cold weather camping trips? It means that he surely doesn’t have stuff like Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket. It has raglan sleeves and the layers are especially designed.



2. Phiaton PS 300 NC Headphones

Dad! you promised to take me to picnic this weekend. What?? Dad you … What.?.? this is what Phiaton PS 300 NC Headphones will do to your dad.lol! It will give your dad absolute silence and a cut-off from outside environment. It is useful when you are on tight schedule and need a quiet environment to rest.



1. Blue Ant S4

This is the pertinent device for those who don’t like to use hand-held devices or earphones to communicate. Blue Ant S4 can also play music and has the ineptitude of connecting two phones simultaneously. The best thing about this is that it can also use the voice command dialing feature.

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