Top 10 Cheapest Resorts in the World 2013

The competition to have your vacation cash is quite fierce these days. In other words, every hotel, restaurant, resort and shopping mall out there is looking to attract you to spend your money on their products. The same applies to the best and the cheapest resorts in the world. Adventure tours are also being seen to be popping up everywhere we go. But the question remains the same? Where should one go to have a time of entertainment and excitement? Well, the answer to this question depends somewhat on the amount you are willing to spend. Entertainment and fun does cost some price, but it surely does not mean that you need to spend all your savings on just one vacation. You do have a number of cheap options to choose from which is the reason for which it is best to spend some time in doing some research about it. After all, it is the money you are spending-the money you earned after months and months of effort-the money which is your only defense in these uncertain times-the money which can give happiness no matter people agree with this or not-the money which everyone wants by hook or by crook. People who wax in some effort to trace out the best avenues for tranquility and awe are the ones who are able to make the most out of their investment. Everyone is searching for the most tropical resorts-why aren’t you?

If you happen to be one such tourist or traveler who is always wary about his or her money is the one who comes to benefit the most in the long run. Now it is time you take a look at the list of the Top 10 Cheapest Resorts in the World 2013. You can select any one from the list which you like, but it does not mean that you remain limited to this list only. You do have some limitless options to choose from.

10. Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

At number we have the Punta Cana resort which you can consider. The all-inclusive package for the resort is about $ 158. In addition to offering a beautiful view of the beach, it also encompasses some wonderful sights. That’s not all, as there are also several eating hotspots to choose from.

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

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9. The Dreams Punta Cana Resort

This spa and lodging site is one of those places which you are always going to remember. All you need to do is log on to their website and check out the amazing commodities they offer. The total package for the spa deal starts from about $ 157 and goes onwards.

The Dreams Punta Cana Resort

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8. The Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda

As they say that there is no end to the beauty in the world. The Blue Bay Resort is an open testament to this belief. With a spectacular beach view and one of the cheapest spa deals, it is the resort which you should add in your preference list. The minimum total package for the deal starts from $ 156.

The Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda

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7. Occidental Grand Xcaret            

This cheap resort is best suited for those who want enjoy more by spending less. It can be should with great surety here that a trip to this resort is something which you are never going to forget. Enjoying the cool breeze with all the blessings in the world in your room is something which not everyone can enjoy.

Occidental Grand Xcaret

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6. The Oasis Palm

For those who plan to spend their vacations in Mexico, the Oasis Palm resort is the one they should visit. In all, there are also a number of bars and restaurants available at your disposal. In short, there is no end to the cuisine and drinking options for those who want just want more. The packages starts from $ 151.

The Oasis Palm

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5. Allegro Playacar

Now this resort is best suited for the family vacations. The pricing of the place also happens to be well within the range of many. No matter where you might go, serenity and tranquility will be there to greet you. It is recommended that you go for their advance booking options to find a spot for yourself. The packages start from $ 142.

Allegro Playacar

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4. The Sunset Royal

The name of the resort is more than enough to depict the kind of services that are offered in this amazing resort. Now you might be thinking that if this resort is one of the best then why it is also one of the cheapest among them all? The simple answer to this question that the price plans just start from $ 135 and then move upwards to levels you cannot imagine. But you would be able to have a nice time by spending only a small portion of your amount. The all-inclusive deal is the one you should go for in order to have a lot just by spending a little price.

The Sunset Royal

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3. The Be Live Grand Punta Cana

The price plans start from $ 128. The resort is recommended for those who have always wanted to have a Caribbean vacation but never had a chance. The hotels and all other facilities have what it takes to make people go crazy in the awe inspiring and absorbing environment the resort offers. All you need to do is go for the advance booking option and choose the deal that happens to be the most optimal for you.

The Be Live Grand Punta Cana

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2. The Tropical Princess Beach

Now here we have a resort which can be termed as one of the lively among them all. It is a place where you are sure to feel the adrenaline rush. No matter you are a youngster or a family man, this resort has the potential to entertain all only at the expense of a small amount. The price plans start from $ 125.

The Tropical Princess Beach

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1. Catalonia Punta Cana

The name might be weird, but what lies inside isn’t. Based on the user reviews and critic analysis, this resort is indeed one of the most affordable and cheapest among them all. But here it is not the price that makes it the best. All the rooms have been equipped with the things you are going to find in most of the cocky hotels with hell raising price plans, but why spend so much when you can enjoy the same by spending a little.

Catalonia Punta Cana

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