Top Ten Best Rap Songs of All Time

Innovation in music was considered bizarre and deviant, but now the world seems to be loving the rap music, which is, itself, the most dominant and deviant form of music in these times. Your search for the best rap song ever is going to take you across loads and loads of songs, most of which you might have never heard about. The thing about the rap music is that is every single word counts no matter how it might be delivered. This form of music has the potential to drive you insane by absorbing you in the strings and strands of words and accents. In making this list, I stumbled across a number of top music review websites and links. Based on the user reviews and votes which have been given to the songs, here is list of the top ten best rap songs of all time.

10. Nuthin But a “G” Thang-By Dr. Dre

Most of the critics termed this song as being one of the best ever in the history of the rap music. But I prefer to consider the votes by the people and not by the critics, in lines to which this amazing rap song has been ranked at number 10 on my list of the all time best rap songs. The sorbent nature of the song is what I like the most.

Nuthin But a “G” Thang-By Dr. Dre

9. One Mic-Nas

With some amazing words and a matchless flow, One Mic is the song which has managed to generate a cult following. Nas is really a genius and innovative rapper, as this song of his is really outclass. It is loud, rash but awesome.

One Mic-Nas

8. Stan-Eminem

For all the rap lovers, this song must be included in their collection. In fact, rap music is always going to remain incomplete with the Eminem songs. Moreover, this song is also ranked among the best rap songs by Eminem. In all, the song happens to an example of an unparalleled accomplishment in the domain of rap music.


7.  Not Afraid-Eminem

Do not be surprised on seeing a number of Eminem songs on the list. I am personally not a big admirer of Eminem songs, but still has rap songs have always got millions of views and likes. The song also happens to be full of emotion and enchantment which is the reason for which it is known to be one of the best rap songs of all time.

Not Afraid-Eminem

6. Dance with the Devil-Immortal Technique

The title of the song might be cocky, but the song is not. It is more like an underground rap song which made it to the top at the time it was released. It is a song that would force you to start your journey into your “self”. In short, you would be blown away once you listen to the song.

Dance with the Devil-Immortal Technique

5. Hit Em Up-2Pac

Millions of thumbs up for the song, as it is the best example of artistic and rap perfection. On listening to it, you would feel the fragments of the old rap combined with the whims of the new rap music. The person who executed this one of the best rap songs is known for being a soldier and not a rapper, so to speak.

Hit Em Up-2Pac

4. Remember the Name-Fort Minor

Thinking and doing the impossible is what this awesome and great rap song is all about. In other words, this song is going to force you to try something which you can’t dare. It gives you an energy and a zeal to keep moving on no matter how hard the external and internal conditions might be. All you need to do now is listen this song once more, as it is one of the greatest songs known to the rap industry.

Remember the Name-Fort Minor

3. Changes-2Pac

Now here we have another great rap song by the soldier who is nothing less than a legend of the rap world. This song is all about the mechanisms and strategies which people can use in order to make things better in their life. The lyrics of this guy have always moved his fans and all rap lovers, but the best thing about him, is the love and passion he has for the music he produces. It is he, who is to be credited, for giving a new life to the rap music.


2. Juicy-Notorious B.I.G.

This song is timeless, as it never gets old. It is an inspirational song and an eye opener, but the best thing about it is the manner in which the song had been executed. Some of the rap music lovers do argue that the song is underrated which is the reason for which I have placed it at the number 2nd spot.

Juicy-Notorious B.I.G.

1. Lose Yourself-Eminem

Now here we have the best rap song of all time. In addition to being catchy and compelling, this song boasts of having that special touch of the Eminem vocal cords. The best thing about the song is the manner in which the great rapper has brought out the sheer and raw truth from the inside. His conscience and love for the rap music is what that makes him one of the best.

Lose Yourself-Eminem

You do not need to agree with this list of the best rap songs of all time, as you have a right to disagree. With hundreds of rap songs being launched every now and then, people do differ in what they like or dislike. But the songs I have shared with you, are the ones that formed the core and the basis of the modern rap music.


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