Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Madonna

When talking about the most interesting facts about the star icon, Madonna, it is worthy to be mentioned that she is one of the most singer and songwriter in decades. Although people might hold different views about her, but no matter what they say, she is something amazing. It had all begun in the year 1977, when she had arrived in NYC in order to initiate her pursuit of making a career in the domain of modern dancing. Surely, she could have never expected that one day she would be at the top of the industry. Till now, she has released a never ending list of top grossing and successful albums. Moreover, a number of her songs also managed to top the charts including “Like a Virgin”, Papa Don’t Preach, Hung Up and many more. In lines to her fame and iconic presence in the music industry, here is a list of the top 10 most interesting facts about Madonna.


10. The Michigan Girl

Madonna was born in the state of Michigan, in the city named Bay City. Her complete name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. I am sure that most of you might have never known about her last name. Moreover, she also happens to have 5 siblings and her birth order number is 3. She had been named after her mother.

9. First Single

Her first single named “Everybody” had been released in the year 1982.

8. The Drummer

You might not be aware about this, But Madonna once used to drum for a pop group located in NY. The name of the group was the Breakfast Club. Furthermore, in the years that followed another person joined the group. He was none other than the famous American Idol named Randy Jackson. That’s not all, as two of her ex-boyfriends also used to be the members of the same group.

7. An Academy Award Winner

One of the most amazing of all the facts about Madonna is the academy award she had won for her memorable role in the movie, Evita. She had also managed to beat the amazing superstars including Glenn Close, Debbie Reynolds and some others. Furthermore, she has also acted in 22 films till now.

6. The Best Selling Female Rock Artist

You would be amazed to know that the Rock Industry Association has ranked Madonna as the best-selling rock artist. In addition, she is also known to be 2nd top selling female artist in the domains of the United States with more than 63 million album sales.

5. The Cheerleader

During her school days, she used to be a member of a sexy cheerleader group. The school name was Rochester Adams High School. No doubt the boys of that school would have craved to be with her. Little did Madonna would have imagined at that time that one day she is going to be at the top of the world?

4. The Waitress

So you think you have struggled a lot? Madonna’s road to fame had not been easy, which is in contrary to what most of you might have heard. She worked as a waitress at the NY Dunkin Donuts, but was eventually fired for throwing some jam in the face of a customer.

3. 200 Albums of all time

Her more than famous album named “Like a Virgin” is ranked among the top 200 definitive albums in the history of mankind as said by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

2. The Highest Grossing Tour

The Confessions Tour of Madonna is classified to be the most profitable and highest grossing tour ever by a female artist. She also happens to have the most number of singles in comparison to any other female artist in the world.

1. Distant Relatives

It seems like being at the top of the music world is in her blood line. According to some sources Mark Wahlberg and Celine Dion happen to be distant relatives to Madonna. This has been reported by one of the most recent ancestry studies.

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