5 Best Hand Guns in the World

The best Handguns are not only used by the majority of the homicides, but also by other people. Surely, the prohibition of the use of the firearms in a number of countries is indeed justified for a number of security related reasons. On the other hand, the use of these guns for the sake of self-defence has also been called into question many times. The reason for this is the use of these defense mechanisms for numerous biased purposes. The history of the hand guns goes many centuries back. The term had been used for the first time in the year 1388. No matter what the world might say here these firearms give you the power to kill in a single hand. Keeping their uses in perspective, there are the 5 best handguns in the world.

5. C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistol

Thousands of these handguns had been produced after the year 1896. Moreover, these guns were also used in times of the WWI. In addition to having 10-rounds box magazine, the gun is also known for unbalanced grip. In the other words, the gun is pretty weird to hold, due to which it had named by the Broomhandle. Not to forget here that this gun had been the first semi-automatic to be used by the armies all over the world.

4. Volcanic Volitional Repeater

You might remember watching the guns that were loaded with gun powder for being fired. Moreover, the gun was also loaded with a ball and a primer. Initially, the gun had not been effective enough and required much time to reload but with the passage of time a number of advancements and modifications had been made in its loading process. With the addition of the metallic cartridge in its makeup, the gun had been named as Volcanic Pistol.

3. Glock Pistols

The glock pistols are included in the list of the firearms that are known for their reliability and consistency. Moreover, it is also very easy to handle. Its light weight and resistance to the changes in weather is what that makes these handguns as one of the most desired. That’s not all, as it is also capable of using a 17-rounds double stocked magazine and a stylized trigger pull. There are also various other safety options which have also been added into it.

2. Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector Revolvers

The cause for which these handguns had been named the ejector revolver is because of the fact that the fired cases used were always ejected from the swing out cylinder. Although the handgun had been produced more than a century ago, still all the handguns manufactured by the company are also considered to be ejectors. There is no question about the ease of holding and the firing effectiveness of these best hand guns.


1. M1911, M1911A Pistols

It is one of those handguns that are still used by some of the policemen and army men in the United States. In addition to being a single action magazine fed gun, the gun had been widely brought to use in the WWI, WWII and during the Korean War. Nearly 2.7 million guns in the same category had been produced in the United States. Moreover, the feature for which the handgun got really famous is the short recoil principle and its enthralling design. Till now, the gun is very popular among the civilians and many other organizations in the US as well as in a number of other countries. The designer behind this innovation was John Browning. At the time of testing, more than 6000 rounds had been fired from the gun without any sort of problem due to which the handgun had been selected for the use in the War. The demand of these guns was increased heavily in the WWII, which is also the time in which the maximum number of handguns had been produced. Surely, M1911 is one of the 5 best hand guns in the world that were first adopted by the army in the year 1911.

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