Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Dresses

Why is it that always celebrities get to where the most expensive and gorgeous dresses that are made. In establishing a fashion empire of their own, they come to show off in these dresses at the time of various red carpet events and award functions. The credit for such amazing celebrity dresses can be given to the designers who utilize their years and years of experience and technical knowledge in order to put forward something new and astonishing. Most of these designers begin with displaying their products in front of their workrooms with the intent of getting a positive response from the side of the people who witness these dresses. It can also be said here that the celebrities are the ones that contribute to the success of a designer. Not all designers are the best in making some of the most beautiful dresses and designs. Their entire career depends on the one day that they would be able to impress the hell out of some famous celebrity. After that what is going to follow is only success and fame. Moreover, these dresses might not be up to the mark in comparison to the wedding dresses which are more expensive and fantabulous. Here I am going to share with only the top 5 most expensive celebrity dresses.

5. Lady Diana Wedding Dress-$ 115,000

The wedding of Lady Diana with Princes Charles was indeed a wonderful sight to witness. In fact, it can also be stated here that it was the event of the Millennia.  The designer behind the making of this expensive dress was Elizabeth Emanuel. Now here, some people are also of the view that the cost of the dress might have been lower only if it had not been made for the Princess.

4. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress-$ $125,000

Here we have the wedding of Donald Trump with the top model of Slovenia, Melania Knauss. After attending a number of fashion shows all over the world, she had made the selection of this wedding robe that had been designed by Christian Dior. This whitish, strapless and amazing dress had made using 300 feet of material and had been created after the work of 550 man hours.

3. Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress-$ 140,000

Now here we have a super star model and actress, Catherine Zeta Jones, who has made it to the number 3 spot, all because of the $ 140,000 worth wedding dress she had worn on her marriage. The dress had been designed by the talented Christian Lacroix.

2. Cate Blanchett’s Dress-$ 200,000

The year 2008 was really the best year in the acting career of Blanchett as she managed to grapple a number of Academy Award Nominations. In addition to being nominated as the best actress for the movie “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”, she also managed to make it in the nominations for the best supporting actress. But that is not our concern here. The prime concern here is the $ 200,000 worth dress she had worn at the Oscars. The dress had been designed by Giorgio Armani.

1. Kate Middleton Wedding Dress-$ 400,000

The exact price of the dress can never be accurately estimated, but according to some estimates the price for this dress had been around $ 400,000. She had worn the dress on her royal wedding to Prince William in the year 2011. It had been made from Satin, an appliqued skirt and with many other expensive materials. The designer behind this most expensive dress was Sarah Burton.


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