5 worst places for taking a girl on the first date

First dates can really prove to be a turning point in your life. These dates also happen to be a bit awkward no matter what, but everyone needs to go through this time in his or her life. Intimacy is indeed an integral component of life and the first date is just a step ahead towards this intimacy. While the date is on, some people also get blank and have no idea what to say or do. Moreover, some even start doing stupid acts and things, all because of the fact that they are confused. This part of life is more like an information exchange about people, schools, college, and families and much more. For the best results out of the first date, it is imperative you try and avoid these 5 places in times of the first date. Here are the 5 worst places for taking a girl on the first date.

5. Mexican

Mexican does appear to be a good option due to the varying beverages and drinks that are available there. But you should also keep in mind that almost all of the items of the menu can really come to cause various digestion issues. Imagine what kind of impression you would be leaving on the girl, if she spends the entire night in the washroom calling you an “A-H”.

4. Boating

In terms of theory, it might appear to be romantic, but in reality, it is a bad option and can also turn to be a disaster for the first date. All that is required here is some rough water and a girl who has some phobia or motion sickness issue. In the end, you are only going to find yourself holding her back while she throws all her love for you out of the mouth.

3. Romantic Movies

The reason for which this option might not be good for you is because the men in such movies are really awesome and good looking. Moreover, they also know very well how to make use of some romantic gestures. On seeing this movie, there are maximum chances that your girl might also come to raise similar expectations from, which you might not be able to fulfill. You may also not be able to grow the 6 packs of which she might come to think of on seeing the movie.

2. Your Place or Mine

Never take her to your place on the first date, especially if you do not live alone. But you can take her to your place if you have a 10 million dollar house. Still if you do it, then it is going to make you appear nothing more than a cheapo, lusty and exhausted person. Try to approach her step by step and not by asking her for the hip hop right away on the first date.

1. Sports Bar

It is good if you have some love for a team, but you would never want to make her see the kind of comments you pass when your team loses a game. Girls never come to like guys who are abusive and in fact the only girls who like such guys are the ones who do not want to marry them. All of this lose talk is going to make her feel nervous about the way you would be treating her in the upcoming days. So, watch out and avoid it.


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