Top 10 most anticipated tech products, concepts and discoveries for 2013

Try to close your eyes and imagine about everything you know about information technology. Can you say something about the tech gadgets that you are going to see in 2013? We are  living in some form of parallel digital universe. Each day that passes marks the introduction of some revolutionary tech concepts and devices, all designed to offer something new to the world. Online computing, integrated channels and networks, cool chips, cocky tech gadgets, concepts, iPhone 5, iPad, Google, Facebook and youtube are the things around which are lives are revolving. It seems like the whole world is now in the phase of anticipation, desperate to know what lies ahead of us and what would be the end point of all this technological advancement. In response to the changing IT trends and affairs, here we have the top 10 most anticipated tech products and concepts for 2013.

"The future of technology"

10. Virtual Workplaces

In the near future, virtual work places would be formed that would remove the need for traveling daily to your offices and work places. Various technologies would be introduced that would empower you to have one to one audio-visual interaction with all your coworkers and other related people. Yes, some of these technologies are currently available, but some major advancement would be made for improving and implementing them.

9. IBM “Five in Five”

The various five in five releases posted by IBM are directed into looking at the changing tech trends and concepts. There have been some lists which were a bit more optimistic, but the new list is near to reality to say the least. IBM states that in a matter of a few years, we would be able to see solar technology in everything around us including sidewalks, doors, windows and paints. The thin film solar technology would be used in everything around us, as it is quite flexible.

8. Future Zoos

It is due to the exponential and powerful nature of IT very soon that we would be able to see animals that have wiped out from the face of the earth. All this would be made possible by making use of cloning, genetic engineering and various DNA sequencing technologies. All these animals would be kept in controlled and technologically advanced zoos which would be equipped with state of the art safety measures and devices.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Computers

Ben Goertzel, a famous researcher in the field, stated that very soon a full fledged artificial intelligence would be accomplished by making use of an open source software. Ben further stated that various games and software would be used to teach various functions to the computers, thus enabling them to learn the various dimensions of human reality. This future IT concept is close to being implemented all over the world in a way like never before.

6. Virtual Halls of the Dead

What is the best way of remembering our parents and forefathers who have died? The answer to this can be given by making use of the technology and creating virtual halls and databases containing all sorts of information about the dead. Very soon, we would be able to surf the databases of the dead people and gather all information about them.

5. Solid Hydrogen: The Power of the Future

Electricity is what that powers all the things in the tech world in form or the other. The sister companion of electricity is hydrogen, as stated by most of the scientists. Very soon we would be able to make use of hydricity as an energy source. There are some devotees who also state that hydrogen has the power to save the uncertain future of humanity, but most of you might think that it is too early. But there are various scientific researches which support the view that making use of hydrogen is cleaner and a healthier alternative to carbon.

4. Fuel-efficient Cars in 2013

It is due to the frequent rises in the fuel prices that the automobile industries are now looking concerned about the element of fuel consumption. You might find a number of drivers who are trying to cut down the fuel costs in one way or the other. The solution to this problem lies in the use of hybrid, solar and hydrogen powered vehicles which are soon going to be developed with the same levels of speed and efficiency as achieved through the use of gasoline.

3. The Future of Web-Video Viewers

ABI Research has pointed that in the year 2013 the number of users who log on to video hosting and video viewing websites are going to grow 4 times. This marks a new opportunity for the internet entrepreneurs to get the most out of this trend. Furthermore, the broadband companies are also going to provide speeds 10 times faster than the regular ones, so that will help online video grow.

2. All in One Mobile Phones

Day by day, more and more technologies are being introduced in the domain of mobile phones. It is now safe to say that in the upcoming years, mobile phones would be created that are going to offer all forms of health care and diagnosis for you. The phone would tell about everything, your cholesterol level, whether you are pregnant or not, whether you suffer from a certain disease or not, etc.  It would carry out most of the diagnostic procedures using your blood sample.

1. Discovery of Planets like Earth

It is being speculated now that humanity is on the turning point of discovering some extra-terrestrial life. Alan Boss, the leading researcher and one of the best astrophysicists in the world, believes that very soon mankind is going to discover planets similar to earth. Furthermore, he is also of the view that these planets and living spaces would already be occupied by organisms quite different or similar to us. Furthermore, these discoveries are going to mark a new era in the history of all humanity.





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