Top 10 Reasons Why The World Won’t End In 2012

It’s year 2012 and we often hear people warn us to repent and ask forgiveness. I don’t know about the real score. All I know is that the end of the world is yet to come but nobody knows when it will happen. There are many predictions that are swirling the entire minds of the people but nevertheless it did not really affect us much. I’m sure you are also familiar with the Apocalyptic End of the world. If you are curious about it, then try these 10 reasons why the world will not end this year. It may sound realistic for me and I hope it applies to you as well.






The Superb Sun’s Flare cause by its altering magnetic field

As what we have learned from our science class, we know that every star has its life span that includes the sun. The sun is the only star in the solar system that provides heat and light to our planet. There are known stars from outside the solar system died and exploded. Our sun has to undergo the same cycle that eventually involves with the entanglement of the magnetic field. This can actually reform and flip the sun’s polarity. This cycle happens every 11 years and according to the scientific assumption, the next cycle will happen this year. There are people who presume that the flare will be more intensified compare to the previous one. But based on the history, this will not be strong enough to wipe out our planet.




Alteration in the magnetic pole of our planet

This is just an assumption but it can possibly cause a major damage to our planet. However, the last ever recorded event happened hundreds of thousands of years before. If man do exists during that time, then we are very sure that it did not really affect the entire world. Want to know why? Well what is our purpose of existing in this world if our forefathers died from it? See. This theory is not worthy for us to believe.




The Earth’s axis will be disrupted

This theory did not actually catch my attention. Having I believe that a planet with the same size as the mars will eventually suck up the gravitational force of the earth? Well, how could it possibly be true? According to the scientist who have spent all their life studying the activity of the solar system, that any planets with the same size as with mars was wiped out in the solar system for several billion years before. Do you think that there will be phenomena that will suck up the planets from outside the solar system to influence the axis of the earth? Nah!




The ultimate alignment of the Giant Planets that can disrupt the gravitational force of the Earth

I don’t know how this theory works on. For me, the alignments of the planets are just natural occurrence and nobody can control it. If in case that it can affect the gravity of the Earth, there will be no further explanation that could support about this planetary activity that can wipe out the earth. If so, then that will take a hundreds of thousands of years. This is a justification from most scientists that alignment can influence the gravity of the earth but this will not likely to occur for the next hundreds of years.




The Alignment of the Sun in the Galactic Area of the Earth

I have watched the movie “ground zero” and it caught my attention. After watching it, I tried to look for information about the alignment of the sun in the galactic area of the earth causing massive heat. This can entirely wipe out the glaciers and iceberg and anything but ice in the North or South Pole. It’s unbelievable to think of it, though there are evidences that these structures are starting to melt down, but it has nothing to do with the theory. The earth moves in this galactic stuff for more than million years so it is impossible to occur in our generation.




The Effect of the Black Hole

I’ve heard this stuff from my science teacher and I’ve been keen enough to search about it. This black hole thing is a solar mass that can suck up anything that nears eat. The hole is growing bigger and it can even suck up our galaxy (Really?) Well to make it more precise and scientific, the Milky Way galaxy is more than trillion of solar masses and the black hole can’t even stand on it. What makes it more intriguing is the fact that this black hole thing can suck up the nearest galaxy which is Andromeda but that would take up another billion years to happen. We are very far from the Andromeda galaxy.




The Collision of Asteroid

This is much like with the movie “Deep Impact” when an asteroid was eyed by NASA to collide with Earth. So far the only recorded asteroid that has penetrated the earth is the 900 feet wide asteroid called the Apophis. Aside from that, there are no more asteroids that can threat our planet. According to the scientist, they have estimated a percentage of 1 out of 250,000 times of chances for asteroid invasion is likely to occur and the next occurrence will happen several years from now.




Collision of Planets Earth and Niburu

Planet Niburu or the X-planet can wipe the earth? Well where is this planet? I have only learned that we have 9 planets in the solar system. I can still recall them but I don’t remember my science teacher claimed about the 10th planet. I don’t believe in this, all of the things that are swirling in the internet about the coming of this X-planet to collide with Earth is very impossible.




Sun Supernova

The explosion of the sun is way beyond our expectation. Others have predicted that the giant star called Betelgeuse will explode for the next thousand years. Our sun is far from this occurrence and it will never happen this year or for the next hundreds of years.




The Dark Matter

I don’t think that this negative force of energy can entirely wipe the planet. There is no such thing as dark matter. I can only see it from my video games where I used this to cast on my enemies but this will not likely to occur in our planet.

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  1. monako

    Aug 03. 2012

    You don’t actually know much about science, scientific theory and the evidance of many of these things do you? i agree that these things won’t happen in 2012, but many of them that you push aside and say couldnt happen, could easily happen to us in the future. and there is strong scientific evidance to back them up.