Top 10 Sexiest Looking Hairstyles For Women in 2012

Hairstyle is one of the most appealing parts of women’s appearance. The hair serves as the primary protection of the head. However, we are not talking about the physiologic function of hair. We are here to discuss about the current sexiest looking hairstyle for women in 2012 and the countdown begins now!


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The Side Swept Bangs

Do you want to look like a simple college girl? Well if that works for you then the “side swept bangs” is the appropriate hairstyle for you. It is appealing for every type of facial shape. Sporting this hairstyle will make you more demure than ever. That is why we decided to land this spot for side swept bangs.




The Straightened Hairstyle

Are you tired of fuzzy hair? Then maybe this 9th placer is the best hairstyle for you. The Straightened hairstyle is one of the sexiest hairdos for women. A very long, shiny and straight hair can attract many adorable guys. This hairstyle is being sported by Jennifer Anniston. In order for you to achieve this cut, you should have a hair flattening iron to make it more soft and silky. Going to hair spa is another option. Be dazzled, be straight!




The Curly Hairstyle

The Infinite number spot goes to Curly Hairstyle. If you want something more elegant look then this hairstyle is fit for you. This is very popular among people who are attending a prom. Curly hairstyle is much complicated than straight because you need to really fix it before you go out. A slight mistake with this hairdo will make you look crazy. Make sure that when you decide to select this, you have to make it a point that it can catch the attention of people who might give you a better impression. Not a weird one.




The Shag Cut

The 7th spot goes to Shag Cut. This messy-look like haircut is full of layers. I’m not talking about skin layers that go according to depth. I’m talking about layers that go according to length. This type of hairstyle is very popular among the models that are walking in the runway. This may look messy for other who does not have an idea about FASHION but actually it is not. However, having this hairstyle can only be fulfilled by expert hair stylist because cutting hairs layer by layer is not easy. A slight mistake will give you a bad impression.




The Scene Haircut

Most of the kids and teenagers are into Scene Haircut. Probably, they wanted to look attractive because of their hairdo. This hairstyle is just an ordinary hairdo that provides you with simple looks. It depends upon the person who sports it. Anyways, if you wanted to have this cut, make sure that you have to give justice for it. Scene haircut, as the name implies must be reflected to a person’s behavior. If you wanted to look like a princess, then you can be by just getting an idea from movies, magazine and other materials for your Scene hairstyle.




The Short Spiky Hairstyle

Taking the 5th spot is the short, spiky hairstyle. If you wanted to look more like an adult holding a guitar and rock the stage, then this is the appropriate hairstyle for you. Some may find it weird because of the spikes that are originally sported by men is now moving to women’s selection of hairdo. What is wrong with the world? Anyway, make sure that when you sport this haircut, you have to be persistent with the spikes. Not to mention the falling leaf can be skewered by your hair.




Layered Hairstyle

Getting the 4th spot is the Layered Hair Style. It is the same with shag but this is much better and simple to handle. Even you can do this on your own, just make sure that you have enough parallel vision to realize the best result. Layered hairstyle is good for women with long hairs. However, it is not appropriate for shorter ones. For about shoulder level is enough. It is composed with various length of hair that is cut. It provides a more fancy looks and bounces all the time as you joggle, giggle or whatever you do. Make sure that when you decide to sport this hair, you need to see for yourself that no entangles hairs must be present. This will look like a staircase of hairs.




The Straight Bangs

There are so much people who love bangs. That is why we put this hairstyle in the 3rd spot. Bangs can give us a trashy look but with sophistication. It lies over the forehead. This is ideal for people who wanted to hide these lines in the forehead. That also includes pimples and other facial skin problems. I’m sorry to say this but I know several people who do it. Well as for me, a girl with bangs can either look elegant or look simple but extraordinary.




The Emo Haircut

The year of the super emotional people (Emo Haircut) takes the 2nd place. There are many people who are some kind of a Gothic personality who sports weird hairdo. For other people, it may look totally dark and rebellious but for them, it is their way of expressing themselves. Emo haircut has chunky layers with minimal blunt cuts. Sometimes it is associated with side swept bangs that covers the entire forehead. If you are one of the EMO families then this could be your choice.




The Bob Haircuts

The top spots go to the BOB haircut. This is very appropriate for women with strong facial bone structures. I’m talking about jaws. Not the movie but the mandible of a woman. The stronger it is the better bob haircut it will be. It is without a doubt that most models are sporting this hairstyle because of its ability to capture the attention of everybody. It looks very sophisticated and the aura is revealed.

7 Responses to “Top 10 Sexiest Looking Hairstyles For Women in 2012”

  1. current hairstyles 2012

    Jun 23. 2012

    wow it’s sound interesting.maybe i want to cut my hair right now with emo hairstyle

  2. Ben Salt

    Jun 24. 2012

    Well I approve of 10 and 4… The rest are a bit meh.

    • Emmajack

      Jul 13. 2012

      There is a world beyond long cascading hair (THANK GOD!) Love #1, will be bringing a copy of it with me to my stylist.

  3. ellena

    Jul 24. 2012

    am getting 10 cut in about 3 hours yay!

  4. Z

    Aug 13. 2012

    I want the emo hair style so bad LOL

  5. Patricia

    Sep 08. 2012

    i don’t relate to any of these styles right now because i’m wearing a natural hairdo men are crazy about it black men walk right up to me in the supermarket out having fun . I think when they see me they relate to that real black women within i could be wrong but even women ask me about my hair black women i don’t know if ill stay here but for now its getting worked . The first lady is beautiful but i never saw anything natural from her although even her name sounds like there should be a hairdo that relates . Black women we perm weave ,twist, braid,but mostly out of our culture to look like some other women and that’s fine too but we are not even identified as happy groomed well nappy , and not even on your top ten list okay . There are a lot of naturals out there and everything ain’t for everybody but there is some freedom in feeling just my opinion .Another thing if they would make it more affordable for maintenance id reconsider wearing it until i see Jesus .

  6. A

    Feb 02. 2013

    hey wait a sec… is it the ‘straight bangs’ and ‘the straightened hairstyle’ are same what is the difference is?