Top 10 Video Games To Look Forward in 2012 – 2013

We have compiled a list of top 10 video games releasing this year, and there are a lot of good titles which are under development phase right know and rumors are that most of them will be releasing either this year or in the first quarter of 2013, So below is the list of top 10 video games to look forward in 2012 – 2013.




Name of Video Game :           Hitman Absolution

Game Developer:                    IO Interactive

Description:                             If you have seen any of the media covering the latest Hitman title, then you too should be giddy with anticipation. And judging by the handful of breathtaking trailers and a lengthy gameplay demonstration, this game has “must buy” written all over it. Building upon the mechanics and cinematic techniques seen in other modern day action games, Absolution is sure to make its mark in the genre. Blending stealth and action is no easy task, but it looks like the guys at IO Interactive have a pretty solid handle on how to marry the two seamlessly. In a genre dominated by Naughty Dog’s uncharted series, Hitman will undoubtedly mix things up a bit, with a much more refined stealth system than the competition.




Name of Video Game :           Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Game Developer:                    Platinum Games

Description:                             Both Kojima Productions and Platinum Games are notorious for creating some wacky third person action experiences. Konami’s Metal Gear franchise has always been marked by over-the-top plots and insane action, which is why it will be really interesting to see what Platinum Games does with the franchise’s polarizing character Raiden. This is certainly not your typical Metal Gear title and is an undoubted risk for both studios. The fact that the project was actually canned a little while back doesn’t bode all that well for the game, though if any developer could give an action-heavy experience like Rising the legs it needs to be successful, it’s Platinum Games.




Name of Video Game :           Max Payne 3

Game Developer:                   Rockstar

Description:                             We can’t wait to see what Rockstar do with the Max Payne franchise this March when they release the third installment in the popular franchise. We’ve seen them breathe new life into the Red Dead series, so we’re confident that they’ll be able to do the same with Max Payne. If you’ve seen any footage of the game, or at least checked out our screenshot gallery, you’ll instantly notice how gorgeous this game looks, as well as how different the protagonist appears. Max looks much rougher around the edges this time, which leads us to believe that Max Payne 3 is going to have one heck of a dark, emotional experience.




Name of Video Game :           Tomb Raider 9

Game Developer:                    E3

Description:                             Lara Croft is back and looking better than ever in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The gameplay demonstration at E3 blew just about everyone away, proving that the franchise is in very capable hands. The incredibly moody and serious tone they injected into the experience is a welcomed change, and will do a lot to enhance the overall experience. This game covers the origin story of Lara, and a rough one at that. Becoming the famed explorer that she is didn’t happen over night. In addition, it looks like the gameplay has changed quite a bit. No more awkward platforming or annoying shooting; this time gamers will get a really immersive control experience that borrows heavily from a plethora of games including Heavy Rain. We can’t wait to join Lara on her painful quest for greatness when the game launches next year.




Name of Video Game :           The Last Guardian (release up in the air, possibly cancelled)

Game Developer:                    Sony’s Japan Studio

Description:                             Sony’s Japan Studio has been having a bit of trouble over the past month or so. With several members of Team ICO leaving Sony, many gamers are growing more and more worried about the future of The Last Guardian. The project lead has assured the public that he will continue to work on the game and see it through to completion, but it’s hard not to still worry about the future of a game series that is so heavily rooted in artistic passion. Both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are amazing experiences that were birthed out of creative genius, which is something incredibly rare in the entertainment industry. We are all rooting for the game, hoping that it does in fact get finished and provide another amazing experience like the titles that came before. The Last Guardian has the potential to be one of the great gems of this generation, so we’re praying it finds success like you wouldn’t believe.




Name of Video Game :           Grand Theft Auto V

Game Developer:                    Rockstar Games

Description:                             While we still know relatively little about GTAV aside from the setting, there’s still a lot to be excited about. First off, we know that the game will be amazing… that’s a given; and the return to Rockstar’s fictional recreation to L.A. is just icing on the cake. The last time we visited the world of San Andreas was back on the PS2, so it will be exciting to see how they’ve evolved the setting we grew to love so many years ago. As is true with all Rockstar Games, a solid cast of believable characters is expected, and while we still don’t’ know who the main protagonist is, the narration we heard during the game’s debut trailer was enough to have us on the edge of our seats in anticipation.




Name of Video Game :           Mass Effect 3

Game Developer:                    BioWare

Description:                             The epic conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy is only a few months away. Isn’t that hard to believe? The jump from the original Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 was monumental, and we know that some major changes are in store for the third one, so it’s fair to say that our hopes are pretty high. BioWare has a lot to live up to, and a lot to deliver on if they hope to satisfy eager fans of the franchise. The fact that everyone’s Mass Effect experience is entirely unique speaks volumes to the creativity of the development team over at BioWare. Let’s just hope that they are as talented at tying together all the loose ends as they are at creating them. We haven’t even hit 2012 yet and gamers are already hailing this as the best RPG of next year. That should say something.




Name of Video Game :           BioShock Infinite

Game Developer:                    Irrational Games

Description:                             Everything they create is incredibly unique and fresh, and that is why we can’t wait for BioShock Infinite. Where do you take a game franchise that was originally set under the sea? Oh, I don’t know… the sky? And why don’t we add rails by which people can travel across this world in the sky? And why don’t we add elements of political unrest that will serve as the foundation for the game’s plot? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the complex relationship between the game’s protagonist Booker, Elizabeth and a giant flying creature known as Songbird. It goes without saying that this game just bleeds creativity and innovation. Back when I first played the original BioShock I couldn’t imagine how Irrational would be able to top the experience. But after seeing Infinite with my own eyes, I’m sold.




Name of Video Game :           Halo 4

Game Developer:                    343 Industries

Description:                             Have you missed Spartan 117? Well don’t worry, because he’ll be back and ready for action late next year as 343 Industries kicks off a brand new trilogy for the Halo franchise.  It’s been a while since we’ve got to play as the super-powered Spartan soldier, so I’m sure gamers are dying to get back in on the action. While Bungie may have moved on to greener pastures, 343 have proven that they are a capable studio completely committed to Halo. Having a fresh take on the franchise will be great for the series, as the new team strives to expand upon the Halo lore in ways we’ve never seen before. Halo 4 is a game designed for fans by fans, and we’d have it no other way.




Name of Video Game :           The Last of Us

Game Developer:                     Naughty Dog

Description:                             Naughty Dog has proven that they are masters of the PS3 hardware with their jaw-dropping franchise Uncharted. That is why their next major game, The Last of Us, has taken the number one spot on our list. There still isn’t a whole lot of information to go by, but if you’ve seen the trailer that debuted at the VGAs, then you’ll understand why we can’t wait for this game. The footage, running entirely on a PlayStation 3, showed a middle-aged man and teenage girl fend off a group of humans infected by some sort of unknown fungus. The condition causes the infected person’s head to swell as they become completely taken over by the parasite. Naturally this has brought about the end of the world in many respects, as nature begins to overwhelm civilization. While the premise is all-too reminiscent of a zombie film, Naughty Dog has proven that they can take popular concepts and provide their own compelling twist that makes it unique.

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