10 Cool Jobs You Might Have Never Heard Of

Even in the present era of information and technology when everything is available on internet, still there are certain jobs which you might not have heard of. These cool jobs are more of a fun then doing duty. Now, it is possible to carry out your other routine tasks without taking much stress of job. Although, the world has started to pull out of the economic crisis as is conspicuous by the rising employment chart in U.S but still there are some jobs which don’t get over-shadowed by the economic crisis. So below are the 10 cool jobs that you might have never heard of!


10. Mermaid

Don’t like working on dry land because it is very hot? Or is it you feel sluggish in cold weather and can’t work properly? The job is then perfectly suited for you.  This job is performed underwater and your lower body is covered with a 35-pound torso similar to that of a sea-creature. If you are interested, then start practicing swimming and holding your breath for a longer duration.


9. Face Feeler

“The best a man can get” GILLETE — Have you ever thought that how do these guys claim that their product gives the best shave around. This is what the next job role is about. Yes you are absolutely right. You will be the one to check the products for them and give a green signal to claim what they are claiming. The person who is given this job is called a ‘face feeler’.


8. Teddy Bear Repair Technician

People often demand tailor-made products according to their requirements and are reluctant to buy standardized things. Similar is the case with Build-A-Bear Workshop located in St. Louis. They welcome the customers to divulge their own details about the making of a teddy-bear. Everything has a life after which it gets damaged or needs maintenance. For this purpose, Teddy bear repair technician is hired to repair those teddy bears because every teddy is unique and different, thus employs a different mechanism.


7. Biological Science Tech

This job role is best suited to the animal lovers who love to watch the animals doing different things. The venue is Yellowstone National Park and the hourly rate is $15/hour. But bear in mind that you will have to exert yourself physically as your role requires to keep an eye on the animals; for this you will have to move here and there or climb up the peaks. I hope you know how to tackle black bears if one suddenly comes by.


6. Waterslide Tester

Now, that’s what you call a job and fun in a single package. This is also my personal favorite. How about getting paid for testing the water-slides for any fault? Yes this is true. Especially, for people living in my part of the world, the Central Asia, will be much more thrilled by this job as it is extremely hot here in summers. Sometimes I feel like boiling an egg on the silencer of my motor-bike.


5. Cup keeper

As is evident by the name of the job, the cup keeper keeps the cup of important events and is responsible for safekeeping of it. It doesn’t go to the winning team coach or any other relevant authority. It pays a reasonable amount for a living and is job which every fan desires to have.


4. Field Test Analyst for Recreational Equipment

The companies which manufacture different sporting equipment hire somebody to test the running and functioning of the equipment. This is necessary for the protection of customers and moreover, good companies have their reputation to keep. As Warren Buffet said “It takes 20 years to build up a reputation and just 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about this, you will do things differently”.


3. Bed tester

Yeah I can hear laughter. I laughed too when I heard that this can be a professional job too. Testing a bed for comfort and other requisites is infact a real paid job. If you don’t believe it, then go and ask Natalie Thomas who works in Premier Inn hotel chain in U.K. Her job role is to test the 46,000 beds in the hotel. She has got a team earmarked specifically for this purpose.


2. Gold Stacker

The job description of a gold stacker revolves around moving the gold bars from one place to another while they are being shifter for some reason. The number of gold bars are behemoth especially if we talk about the Federal Reserve Bank of New York so when it comes to moving such a huge quantity of gold bars, one becomes too much strained and exhausted.


1. Crime Scene Cleaner

We are not talking about some ordinary cleaner here. You all know what a crime is scene is like; blood spilled here and there, bodily fluids creeping out of bodies and if worst comes to worst, there can be body parts lying at different places. If these things don’t make you feel nausea or vomiting, then go ahead with this job.

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  1. Rizzal

    Feb 09. 2013

    technically, i never heard of these jobs before. But i never heard of them before because some of these jobs are too simple to do like bed-testing? people would rather do it for free than to earn a living from that job… haha.


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