10 Ways To Save Money On Summer Trips

Summer has started with full thrust for quiet a time now and people from all over the world are planning their summer trips to different places best known for their cool weather and summer resorts. In order to enjoy to the hilt within a tight budget, you have to look for cheap alternates all the way to your final destination. For this, I have compiled some points which will serve as a guideline for all the summer travelers. Let us have a look on 10 ways to save money on summer trips.





10. Take the help from free travel applications

Gasoline is one of the primary expenditure while you are on a road trip to your favorite summer resort. Download smart phone applications to locate the cheapest gas stations on your way. If you plan to stay a night somewhere in between, you can also use these applications to look for a cheap hotel.


9. Using your own car or renting one?

If you are ambivalent about whether to take out your own car or rent out one from a nearby rental company, always do a thorough cost-benefit analysis and choose the one which costs you less. Read through the complete agreement of the car rental before actually renting one because there are some hidden charges also which come to your knowledge afterwards.


8. Regularly check flight fares!

Why this is so? As you know that the air-fare changes throughout the day, so to purchase the ticket at the cheapest price it is necessary to keep yourself abreast of the current fares at all times of the day. As soon as it hits the lowest threshold, take your shot!


7. Busy routine; What to do?

If you don’t have much time to check the fares ad nauseam, then sign up for the fare alerts. For this purpose, check out the airlines and travel sites such as Airfarewatchdog.com and FareCompare.


6. Search out websites!

In today’s competitive environment, everybody is on to grab the maximum market share by virtue of different business strategies one of which is reduced air-fare. You can exploit this to your advantage and keep on checking different websites of airline companies to buy the cheapest available air-ticket. Travelocity, Kayak and Bing Travel are some of the websites which show the visitors comparison of fares of different airline companies.


5. No fix date for travel!

It is terrific if you are not on a tight schedule and are flexible in terms of choosing your day of travel because it will make you find the cheapest available air-ticket to your favorite destination. Choice of a particular airport can also save you a considerable amount. But this all depends on how much flexible your program is.


4. Long vacations; heavy baggage!

Well! Some of us are accustomed to taking on heavy baggage to summer resorts, albeit it costs you a lot. How can you avoid this? Try shipping your luggage if it is cheaper (certainly it is) or go for the airline company which offer some discount on your travel baggage such as Southwest Airlines.


3. Go for the Priceline

Instead of looking for the hotels which come within your planned budget, why not let the hotel guys accept the bid from you? Yes, by using the Priceline’s Name Your Own Price, you increase the chances of booking a hotel of your choice.


2. Cashing in the decline in the hotel price!

How to refund your hard-earned money if the hotel prices drop at the time when you check-in but were high when you actually booked the room? The answer to this www.tingo.com; book your room using this website and if at all the hotel price drops then your room will be re-booked at the revised price, thus winning you a refund.


1. A vacation rental home

If you intend to stay for a much longer duration in any place, then instead of booking a hotel room try renting an apartment or house. This will obviously cost you much less and will also save you on extra cost which you had to pay for the meals as you will be pandered with a kitchen.

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