10 Best Fragrances For Men in 2012

Aside from the looks, men are very particular with their smell. Good smelling men attract women. This is very true all of the time. One way of attracting women is through good smell. This is mainly the reason a lot of men are doing everything just to have the best smelling fragrances in the world. There are a lot of fragrance lines in the world. Each of them has unique smell and spirit. To give men an idea about the best smelling perfumes in the world, here are the 10 best fragrances for men in 2012.



10. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme has a sensous, timeless, and long lasting smell. This is a great quality smelling perfume. It portrays a masculine smell that will truly loved by most men.



9. Burberry Sport

It has a distinct smell of wood and musk which is very gentle to the nose. You will surely feel refreshed wearing this perfume. Burberry sport is perfect to wear all day long. The smell last up to 24 hours.



8. Black by Kenneth Cole

It is one of the best selling perfumes for men ever. It has a fruity blend of woods and sweet spice. This is perfect to wear, especially when going out on a date, a perfect way to impress your partner.



7. Obsession

Obsession is created by Calvin Klein. The use of this perfume started since 1986, and still use by most men of today. It is continuously on trend because of its distinct and refreshing smell. It has the smell that you will be obsessed for.



6. Paco Rabanne 1 Million

This has the smell that would significantly catch attention, especially of the opposite sex. It has a great long lasting smell. Paco robanne is a perfect way to celebreate manhood.



5. Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

This is definitely the best selling perfume for men ever. If you want to have a clean and refreshing smell, use Cool Water. Almost every man has this perfume.



4. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty is contemporary and seductive scent for the  passionate man in your life, Its has the extract of lemons and lavenders which exudes great nodes.

3. Eternity for Men

Eternity comes from the highly reputed name Calvin Klein. This is one of the best perfumes for men ever, with an overpowering masculine scent. It has a crisp and refreshing smell.



2. BLV Notte for Men

BLV Notte has an overpowering masculine smell that can last all day long. A lot of men prefer to use this perfume, especially when having a busy day. This is the reason a lot of men are using this product. It deserves to be in the second spot in the 10 best fragrances for men in 2012.



1. Acqua Di Gio

Acqua Di Gio is the top seller among all perfumes for men. It is highly accepted by the US market. This is a perfect combination of masculinity and sensuality. Definitely, a perfume that can be worn all day long regardless of the occasion.

5 Responses to “10 Best Fragrances For Men in 2012”

  1. Levi Magos

    Jun 11. 2012

    My special perfume is light blue from dolce and gabbana. I just like the freshness and the fruity smell of that fragrance. I know its a fantastic summer perfume for all the young women. Its very attractive for men. :) They just like it.

  2. Karl

    Aug 13. 2012

    How come you repeated Acqua Di Gio as number one and number 4???

    • Fat Geek

      Aug 13. 2012

      that was some kind of mistake by author, i have just done the correction

  3. Ken Pasco

    Oct 22. 2012

    I don’t know why Black Jeans wasn’t listed here. I always get complimented on it…..

  4. John

    Dec 08. 2012

    where is Versace Pour Homme??????