Top 10 Best Passenger Aircraft

Nowadays, there are many airplanes which are in use by the airline companies. It is a policy of reputable airline companies to discard the out dated models of planes and replace them with latest model passenger planes. Good airplanes allow the passengers to enjoy greater comfort, luxury and efficiency in terms of traveling time. Before starting on with the formal list of the planes, I deem it necessary to make this thing clear that the following ranking is based on the feedback from passengers, pilots and administrators. Let us have a look on the list of best passenger aircraft and see what these planes have for their passengers.


10. Boeing 777 300ER

777-300ER was made by Boeing November 14 2002 and its first flight was on February 24 2003. 777 300ER was made after introducing some changes in the 777 300. Some of the changes made are more powerful General Electric GE90-115B engines which are at present the world’s most powerful jet engine, new main landing gear, a more solid body and provision of extra fuel tanks to cover more distance. It can carry up to 365 passengers.



9. Airbus A321

After a slight modification in the A320, engineers have managed to develop A321. The efforts for the development for this aircraft started off way back in 1989 and its first flight flew in 1993. If we compare the two models, then the major changes implemented in A321 are stretched fuselage, strengthening of the undercarriage to carry heavy weights, better engine performance and larger tires for the purpose of better brakes. Its maximum cruising speed is 903 km/h.



8. Airbus A320

Oops! I never said that A321 is better than A320, did I? Anyways, the A320 is the best among the family members and is the highest selling piece. It is also the first ever airliner to introduce to the market a fly-by-wire flight control system. Its maximum cruising speed is 903 km/h whereas economical cruising speed is around 840 km/h. One more characteristic of this plane is that it has advanced electronic flight-deck, with six fully integrated EFIS color displays and innovative side-stick controllers.



7. Bombardier C130

This plane is manufactured by a Canadian organization Bombardier Aerospace. The model C130 is 130-seat plane. The first flight of Bombardier is planned in the second half of 2012. The seat-mile cost of this plane is lower as compared to other planes because it contains 46% composite materials and 24% aluminum-lithium. This also reduces the maintenance cost required for this plane. Its maximum cruise speed is 870 km/h.



6. Embraer 190

If we enlarge the E-170/175 family and add some features as larger wing, larger horizontal stabilizer and a new engine, the GE CF34-10E, than Embraer 190 is created. The first flight of Embraer 190 was on March 12, 2004. A New York-based low-cost carrier JetBlue was the launch customer of Embraer 190 which placed 100 orders with 100 options.



5. Embraer 195

It is a 108-seated airplane and one of the largest aircraft ever built by Embraer. Let’s talk about the fuel consumption and maintenance cost of this plane. So, it is powered by twin under-wing General Electric CF34-10E engines and which are controlled by Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC). This computerized system helps the engine to adjust its level of performance during different phases of flight as we know that different output is expected of the engine in different modes of the flight. This Brazilian product flew its first flight on December 7, 2004 and it was first delivered to Swiss by the end of 2005.



4. Boeing 787 10X Dreamliner

It is developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and can seat 210 to 290 passengers which depend upon the variant of the plane. The company claims that it the best product in terms of fuel consumption and also it is the first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction. It is always about the passengers’ comfort. In consultation with the Oklahoma State University, the Boeing company has come to the conclusion that internal cabin pressure equivalent of 6,000 feet (1,800 m) altitude instead of the 8,000 feet (2,400 m) is better in terms of passenger comfort.



3. Airbus A380 900

Airbus A380 is the main model and then Airbus A380 800 and Airbus A380 900 are the two further variants of this. Airbus A380 900 is a bit longer than its predecessor Airbus A380 800 with a seating capacity of 650 passengers in standard configuration, and approximately 900 passengers in economy-only configuration. This is a very gigantic airplane and can offer numerous benefits to the airline companies which intend to buy it. Due to the impressive make and design of this variant, many airplanes expressed interest in this model which include Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, Kingfisher Airlines, as well as the leasing company ILFC. It is the world’s largest airplane and entered its first commercial service on October 2007 with Singapore Airlines. Little wonder, many airports have to expand their size to accommodate this massive plane but it was really worth it.



2. Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental

It was launched on November 14, 2005. The seating capacity of this plane is 467 passengers in a three-class configuration. If we compare the two models of Boeing, 747-400 and 747-8I, the 747-8I is 30% quieter, 16% more fuel-efficient, and have 13% lower seat-mile costs. A passenger facility is also proposed in this aircraft by Boeing which is called “SkyLoft”. This facility will include numerous things such as beds, entertainment appliances and business equipment. The first airline to order 747-8 Intercontinental was Lufthansa on December 6, 2006. 



1. ATR 72-500

It is an upgrade version of the ATR 72. It has introduced greater reliability and efficiency in the flight. Furthermore, it offers the lowest seat-mile cost in its class. If we talk in the context of customers, then this plane has a lot to offer to the passengers on board. It has a quiet, comfortable and spacious cabin with a new design and an in-flight entertainment system. It has significantly reduced the cost standards of the airplanes as it incurs very less engine and airframe maintenance costs. The fuel cost is also very low for this model which makes it a popular make for the market to consider.

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  1. John

    Feb 28. 2013

    atr 72 is #1? do you enjoy the thought of dieing due to a little bit of ice?

  2. John

    Apr 25. 2013

    The ATR #1? Don’t forget that whopping 1750 mile range it has over the rest you have listed. You want to talk about maintenance cost those props alone will cost a bundle. Oh ye how about the noise level in the first 4 rows!!! Ye much better aircraft that the rest. Wake up and put the ATR in a turbo prop catagory please