) He’s good and has a good reputation

Doctors Thread 8

NOBODY HERE IS A VERIFIED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. It is best to avoid giving medical https://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com advice over the canada goose outlet winnipeg address internet in general. Soliciting or giving medical advice is not allowed in this subreddit. Sharing your failures or successes with treatments is fine.

Canada Goose Jackets The decision to have children is an extremely personal one, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or not. In order to avoid further bullying and harassment, it is now against subreddit rules to make comments regarding the morality of having children with EDS unless OP specifically asks. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale I got my diagnosis from Milunsky. His bedside manner is terrible (I wish he would explain more and seem less grumpy) but he definitely knows his stuff. I go back once a year this time he had a long grumble about how the diagnostic criteria have changed so I no longer qualify and how dumb that is, which was kind of nice. canada goose coats on sale

I like Peter Stein canada goose outlet location in Kenmore for really gentle chiropractic work. It helps with my neck pain, including cutting off related migraines.

He a myofascial physical therapist person who is AMAZING. Lovely human being. His mentor was specifically interested in canada goose kensington parka uk EDS. I could only see him a short 5 times before I had to leave but he was focused, willing canada goose outlet near me to attack my problems areas and taught me so many things. He understood the limitations of EDS and explains things very well.

canada goose store He reset some of my pelvis in a way that finally allowed me to sleep on my back in over 5 years. I was admitted to UNC had a great experience with the hospital group and the GI. The GI team did not have a ton of info on EDS but at least acknowledged it and understood the interplay in the GI system. My GI attending is Dr. Peery at UNC I only have hospital experience. canada goose store

There is a doctor in Chapel Hill with a long waiting list no insurance filing) Dr. Spanos. He claims expertise in EDS and only sees EDS or suspected cases. Another family in NV was aware of him sent me the recommendation. I have never seen him.

There is a doctor who specializes in difficult, functional GI issues who also does not file insurance Dr. Drossman. He runs a rounds once a month at UNC my team got me in that week for an hour long conference in the clinic. Paul Flavill in McKinney. I get awful migraines with my EDS, but he’s been fantastic about helping me get my diagnosis in the first canada goose jacket outlet place. He also helps treat me for nerve compression when canada goose outlet buffalo my joints get all wonky and mess stuff up. Always plan at least an hour for appointments, he is very thorough. He always does a physical exam, asks great questions, and is really open to patient input. He asks me sometimes if my “internet people” have any suggestions, and is willing to try them if they might work for me.

Canada Goose Parka Conveniently next door to cheap canada goose Dr. Flavill is Dr. Brown. He’s a pain specialist, and is great about working with Dr Flavill to do outpatient procedures like nerve block injections. He does tend to be pretty quick, and it is a pain clinic, so you have to canada goose outlet toronto pee in a cup periodically to prove you’re taking your meds. But the office staff are nice as well, I like them. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance Dr. Morgan is an orthopedist practicing in Allen, McKinney, and I think Frisco as well. I’ve been seeing him for a very long time, since way before I was diagnosed. The office has on site x ray, everyone is super sweet, and PT is in the same building. He’s been seeing me a lot lately as I’ve started having trouble with swelling from my joints compressing nerves so I lose feeling and function. The first time it happened I was panicked, but canada goose outlet price he is so calm and reassuring, and doesn’t talk down to me. canada goose clearance

I don’t have a good rheumatologist. I saw one to get formally diagnosed, but I didn’t care for him or the one I saw 8 years ago when I was started really pushing for a diagnosis. I do have a good OB/GYN in Allen if you need one though, who has been great about EDS complications and is willing to tie my tubes for me.

Canada Goose Outlet Oh, I do also highly recommend Allen Family Drug. It’s a little pharmacy behind the iHop off 75 at McDermott. They’re really amazing and haven’t given me any trouble at all with any of my meds. Lmk if I missed anything and good luck! Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose Edit: Just reread your comment about it being cardiac. They sent me to see Dr. Akbar to get cleared of cardiac symptoms. (I have type 3.) He’s good and has a good reputation. Drew Kowalewsky, Ohio Green Team. Really nice, compassionate staff. They are familiar with EDS and really want to help people who have it. The office staff specifically asked me to pass their name around more support groups because they really feel for us. They have been getting a decent amount of traffic from this canada goose outlet uk fake community and they are really happy about it. uk canada goose

Appointments for recommendations are $200, which is pretty competitive. Annual renewal is currently $50, and other places are charging $200. They can also get you in really fast, potentially even the next day.

Dr. Chesner rheumatology has various offices in Bucks County, he isn’t currently taking new patients but if that changes he’s completely worth a visit! He diagnosed me and oversees my EDS care, and has brought up/diagnosed things I hadn’t considered to be significant.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Dr. Miles cardiology works out of Penn Medicine, I see him for POTS management. Very knowledgeable about how different conditions interact with POTS/each other. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk outlet Dr. Tabby neurology Bala Cynwyd, only been to one appointment so far but my migraines are actually managed now he actually found a medication regimen that worked on the first try, which is not normally the case for me! Also sent for an upright MRI canada goose uk outlet.

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