The 10 Most Unfortunate Facts about Women All Men Should Know

Women are the better halves of all men. However, it is unfortunate to note that they are still not valued by men. Some people might disagree with me on this, but it is a fact that the mistreatment of women is still going on all over the world. We call ourselves civilized nations and people but there is nothing civilized in what we do to women. Not all of us are included in this brutality but there is a large proportion of men who treat women in ways you can’t imagine. The purpose of this post is to bring some facts to light that most of us might not be aware of. Here are the 10 facts about women the world should know about.

violence against women

10. Death

It has been reported that every 90 seconds one woman dies while giving birth to a child. Most of these deaths can be prevented from happening as reported by a number of doctors and researchers. The sad thing to note here is that most women are not given the levels of education and care they truly deserve in most countries and the men don’t help them.

9. Domestic Violence

Despite of the countless number of laws that have been made till now to stop domestic violence, it seems to be ongoing. It is a misconception that only the developing countries in the world experience the highest rate of violence against women. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Russia, China and Japan are also in the lead when it comes to violence against the female gender. According to one estimate, thousands and thousands of women die on a monthly basis due to different forms of physical and sexual violence.

8. Pregnancy

Another undeniable fact is that violence against women increases during their pregnancies. There are a number of reasons behind this pattern. One main reason is that in such conditions that they become more vulnerable to abuse at the hands of their husbands. The conditions for a working woman are even worse during these times. It should be considered that under-reporting is a core reason due to which these statistics never surface.

7. Politics

Women have never been allowed to truly participate in the process of politics. The same goes for the peace negotiations in which one or two women are there. In 1992, 1 out of every 13 participants involved in the process of peace negotiations were women. Since then, no major improvement has been seen in the number of women in politics. It is also said that even if a large number of women will be allowed to sit in the assemblies, there are little chances that the whole country is going to act upon their recommendations.

6. Right to Vote

There are still some regions in the world where women still do not have a right to vote. Even in the USA, women were granted this right only just in the year 1920 which is a brutal truth. Just imagine what the conditions of women might be like in the regions like Afghanistan and Iraq. In these places they do have a right to vote, but are never allowed by terrorists to leave their homes.

5. Population

It has been reported that women now account for more than 50 % of the total worlds population. The number of women in the world will seriously outnumber the presence of men in 2030. Despite knowing this, they have only been given 10 % political representation all over the world.

4. HIV

HIV in women now stands at 16.4 million all over the world. It should be noted that most women are getting infected from blood transfusions or infected syringes in developing regions of the world. There are also some regions in which this is 5 times faster and higher in comparison to men.

3. Smuggling

The majority of the individuals who are being smuggled across borders are women. There are a number of people who try to deny these claims but it is something that cannot be denied in light of the available evidence and reports. A large number of women are being sold by their own families for working in the sex industry.

2. Poverty

More than 70 % women in the world are leading their lives in poverty. According to one estimate, most of them are living for less than $ 1 a year which is indeed a big slap on the face for all those billionaires who never donate or help people. Another thing to note is that a lot of men seem to never give or help out the women with money but keep it for themselves.

1. Killing

The highest number of abortions being done all over the world involve females. It is not right to call this process an abortion. It should be considered a crime to have an abortion only because the baby to be born is a girl. It has been reported that millions and millions of girls all over the world have been aborted. A large number of those who have been able to survive are either mistreated or undernourished at the hands of their parents or partners.


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