10 Awesome Tips for Memory Enhancement

Human memory is a gift that we should be thankful for. None of us can imagine a life without memories. For those who do not value memory, they should meet those who suffer from amnesia or any memory disorder. These individuals are leading their lives without any knowledge about the past. It should be noted that there are a number of tips that can be used for improving memory. Some of these tips have even worked on those who suffer from neurological disorders.

Here are the 10 awesome tips for memory enhancement.

memory enhancement


10. Attention – and focus!

The main problem with most students is their inability to focus. The things we learn without paying full attention to the material we are studying often results in memory lapses. The information should be first moved into short term and then so to the long term memory span. One of the best strategies in this includes systematic rehearsals.

9. Regular Sessions – enhances your memory

You can enhance your memory by learning through a number of regular sessions. It is by giving more and more time to study that the material will be processed more deeply and effectively. Many studies have shown that students who study regularly and more often are able to recall the material more effectively.

8. Structuring – organizing helps in many ways

You should always focus on structuring and organizing the material that needs to be learned. It helps in saving a lot of time as well as a large amount of your resources. It should be noted that similar things are organized in our memories in the form of clusters. For this reason, organizing and structuring the information is an important tip for memory enhancement.

7. Mnemonic Devices- improves your memory

These devices are more or less techniques that can be used for improving your memory. All you need to do is associate the material that needs to be learned with common items that you will be able to remember more easily. This process is also referred to as associative learning.

6. Elaborate and gather information

It is more often said that the best thing we can do to improve memory is gathering the maximum information about a concept or phenomenon. This will help in more effective and elaborate retrieval. The same holds true for rehearsal which should also be done more often in order to store memory more effectively.

5. Relationship Learning and combining old and new info together

This tip involves relating the information you know with things you already know. It can also be said that combining new information with the previous information helps in improving memory. The idea here is to establish relationships between existing information and new ideas. Through these measure, you will be able to increase the chances of superior memory recall in comparison to most other students.

4. Visual Imagery and seeing everything with images and graphics

This technique involves using visual images to learn new concepts and information. The idea here is to visualize the things you learn and then try to make some sense out of them. All you need to do is attend more effectively the images, graphs and drawings you see. You can also convert textual material into visual information in the form of charts and drawings so that it can be processed more effectively and deeply.

3. Teaching and sharing

Try to share and teach the things you have learned to other individuals. It might sound weird but it does help in storing the information more effectively. This strategy will also help in recalling the information in a timely manner when it will be needed the most. Most of the students complain that they are unable to recall information at the time of exams. Using this measure, most of these complains can be ended. The teachers should also spend some time in giving out these tips to their students so that they would be able to learn and process information more effectively.

2. Extra Focus with difficult concepts

Difficult concepts and ideas should be attended to more deeply. In other words, you should spend more time in dealing with tough concepts and information. This tip will be increasing your learning and absorption time for relatively easy information. The time you spend on processing tough concepts depends on you. However, it is best that you rehearse as well as chunk all the information along the way. The more you rehearse a piece of information, the greater is the likelihood that the information will be processed more deeply and effectively.

1. Sleeping helps to refresh you

After every study session, it is best that you take some sleep or at least close your eyes. Studies have suggested that this tip works to a great extent. A number of experiments were performed using a sample of those students who sleep after learning new information and those who don’t. The ones who slept were able to recall more amount of information in an accurate manner. Those who prefer to watch TV or do any other activity after studying load their cognitive resources with too much irrelevant information to which the information processing stages are disturbed. For this reason, sleep as much as you can after preparing for your exam. Another related tip is not to spend the night before an exam studying. You should always spend time learning all the relevant information long before the exam and keep rehearsing the information time and back again.

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