10 Most Useful Tips to Become a Best-Selling Author

Some of you might have heard that being a best seller author is something out of this world. Well, I can say that this saying is right. Not everyone in the world can be a best-selling author. Now you might be thinking that if it is impossible then what is the purpose of this post? The answer is simple. One can try to make use of his or her potential to the maximum limit in order to generate a master piece. There are a number of individuals who have been ranked as best-selling writers and authors. The tips I am going to share with you in this post are actually a compilation of tips they have offered. Here are the 10 most useful tips for becoming a best-selling author.

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10. Take notes down often

Being a writer is all about taking notes all the times. You should be in the habit of writing things down more often. However, if you feel that cannot develop a habit of writing more often, then it is best that you choose some other profession. Our mind works in different ways due to which one never knows when a bright thought or an idea might pop into it. For this reason, having a notebook with you all times will ensure that you write the idea down before it vanishes.

9. Being Skeptic about the world

You should be skeptical about the world around you. It does not mean that you should adopt an approach of a pessimist. It means that you should be willing to ask the “what if” question anytime. This tactic helps in coming up with a wide range of ideas and possibilities for a story. One should always keep the mind open for new ideas, thoughts and perceptions.

8. Fixation and never becoming distracted

You should be fixated to your work no matter what. It is recommended that you should never let your mind be distracted from your ultimate goal. Keep thinking about your story and what do you want from it. Yes, you can spend some time relaxing but don’t get too distracted that you lose a grasp on your ideas.

7. Rewriting a Book

If you are quite into reading, then it is best that you start rewriting a book. Surely, you should not publish it in order to avoid any lawsuits but still it is an effective strategy for getting ideas about writing, the use of speech and other related things.

6. Visualize

Whenever you walk into a book store, start thinking about the book title and outline that will force people to give your book a try. The idea here is to write about things that people will be interested to read. You should come up with some amazing ideas that will force people to grab your book from the shelf. It is said that in the world of book writing, all you need is a single interested reader. If he or she likes your book a lot, then there is a lot of probability that the word is going to spread real fast. The chain reaction can indeed earn you the award of the best-selling author.

5. Don’t share your ideas

Never talk about your ideas to other people. Don’t share them with anyone not even with your husband, wife or children. Yes there is some risk involved that others might not like your work and you will end up wasting a lot of time. Nonetheless, secrecy is the power of your writing and it can earn you a great deal of fame. There are some writers who are distracted even by a raised eye brow on their ideas. For this reason, it is best if you let your ideas and works come together in complete privacy.

4. Become confident and find yourself

One of the most difficult things in the field of writing is finding out something that you will love to write. It is not as easy as most of you might imagine. Don’t be let down with some bad starts and failures. You should keep in mind that in the world of writing, there are no experts. No writer can claim that he can impress every single human being in this world with his or her writing. You should be confident about yourself, especially about your writing abilities.

3. The End Without Distractions

One of the hardest things in the field of writing is to get to the end without being distracted. Through the process, you will be required to keep secrecy, keep writing and keep mapping your mind. Most of the writers are of the view that one should not waste time in finishing their writings. It is also said that spending time in doing other things while writing might not be a good choice but it has worked for some best-selling authors.

2. Cocktails Relax The Mind

Whenever you get stuck into things, it is said that cocktails help a lot. However, it does not mean that you should keep drinking them more often without focusing on your work. For some cocktails work very well, for others they don’t. The next thing you should do is walking. It is believed that walking results in increased levels of blood flow into the brain which is surely helpful in bringing new ideas to the mind.

1. Work in a busy environment and plan things out

Among all the stages of writing, the toughest of them all is deciding the theme or the title of the writing. It is said one should always do the writing in peaceful environments, but when it comes to generating the original idea, open and crowded spaces can be helpful. The idea here is to remain dedicated to thinking something special while being in the presence of a large number of people. All the buzz and rush around you might bring in some bright ideas.

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