Top 10 Foods for Fast Muscle Growth

Most of you understand the importance of muscle growth and the role of proteins in achieving this growth. There is a lot more to muscle building that most of you might now. It should be noted here that the best foods for muscle growth are not necessarily expensive. In comparison to the harmful steroids, natural diets offer a long term muscle stability. I am sure that none of you will ever want to end up losing your kidneys or with any other harmful side effect of using different medications. No matter what the body building experts might have to say in this regard, you should never prefer to use these drugs. There are a number of different hormones and chemicals that play a role in terms of muscle building. Most of these hormones cannot be manufactured by the body itself. For this reason, it is best that you take an idea about the 10 foods for muscle growth from this post.  Here is the list.

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10. Quinoa

Although there are people do not prefer to consume meat, but when it comes to muscle building, you just cannot do without it. It is a protein packed grain that happens to be optimal for exceptional muscle growth. Moreover, the food is also free from gluten due to which it is easy to digest and absorb.

9. Beef

Beef might not suit everyone but is necessary for muscle growth. But you will need to carry on your daily exercising to achieve muscle growth. In other words, it means that only consuming foods with little or no exercise will never bring in the desired results.

8. Almonds

It is another plant based diet that is quite useful in muscle growth. You should always remember the fact that muscle building demands the consumption of different foods at a regular interval. Almonds happen to be a rich source of non-saturated fats and some other useful materials.

7. Cottage Cheese

Some of you will find it a bit surprising, but there are a number of experienced body building experts and trainers who use this food. However, before purchasing this form of cheese, always prefer to read out the fat and calorie details on the box.

6. Oysters

If you want to be a winner in muscle growth, it is best that you a lot of heavy exercising in addition to consuming oysters and other foods at set intervals. The amount of this food to be consumed depends on the rate of exercising which you undergo on a daily basis.

5. Chocolate Milk

If you are allergic to chocolate or do not engage in heavy exercising, this food might not be the best for you. However, it can bring in some fast results for those who love to consume different diets for their muscle building routines.

4.Lean Ground Beef

This form of meat is an excellent source of proteins. But it is recommended that you always consult your nutritionist about the right amount of beef to be consumed on a daily basis.

3. Soy

Never worry about calories, especially if you exercise on a daily basis. Soy is one of these plant based foods that offer rich levels of proteins.

2. Eggs

Whether you consume them boiled, fried or neat, eggs are indeed important for all muscle builders. Each egg is packed with 5 to 6 grams of proteins. It all depends upon on you that how much eggs you consume on a daily basis. In order to get an accurate estimate, consult your trainer or doctor depending upon your exercising routines and intervals.

1. Chicken

It is one of the best staple foods when it comes to muscle building. In terms of the protein to fat ratios, chicken should be consumed according to the rate of exercising. It is for sure one of the best muscle building foods for all beginners and veterans.

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