Top 10 Early Causes of Death

Death is the biggest truth of this world. No one can escape death whether we like it or not. However, there are some things we can try to make sure that we do not die an early death. Advancements in technology and health sector have made it possible for us to delay death for some time. The religious scholars might have something else to say in this regard but the fact is that death can be delayed. There are also a number of other strategies that can be adopted to ensure that we do not elevate our chances of death. Here are the 10 early causes of death which should be dealt with.


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10. Breast Implants

Women all over the world look for strategies that can be used for breast enhancement. There are a number of medical procedures that are available in this regard. However, the fact is they should always be satisfied with what is natural. Researches and studies confirm that there are a number of complications that can be caused by using these procedures, so watch out.

9. Excess Coffee

The use of coffee has several health benefits but only when we consume it in a certain limit. The excess of everything is bad. Moreover, there are numerous researches that have confirmed the fact that an over consumption of coffee can be one cause of early death. It can increase blood pressure, heartbeat and a lot more. In short, if you are less than 55 years old, please consume coffee below the recommended line.

8. Sleeping Pills

There are several other ways in which you can overcome your sleep related issues. Sleeping pills do work but as said before, they should be used in recommended amounts. People who are prone to using sleeping pills on a daily basis are more susceptible to early death. Researchers all over the world are irked with the consumption rates of the pills as well as with the rate at which they are being manufactured.

7. Salt

For those of you who are addicted with fast foods, salt is what you should watch for. An overconsumption of salt is yet another cause of premature death. According to the studies published by the American Heart Association, one should limit his or her sodium intake to 2300 MG per day. They also assert that more than 150,000 people will be saved from a premature death if they start following these recommendations.

6. Whole Grains

Whole grains are really useful and healthy as recommended by medical experts from all over the world. However, they also contain phytates due to which a number of minerals are blocked from adding in the body. An overconsumption of whole grains, especially wheat, has been researched to cause a number of autoimmune diseases.

5. Living Alone

Isolation can kill you in ways you cannot imagine. No matter how much you want to appear different than others or believe that you do not need anyone, isolation can really make you mad and vulnerable to an early death.

4. Sitting

Sitting too much is yet another weird yet dominant cause of an early death. The difference between the ancient and modern man is the use of machines and no manual work. According to some studies more than 30 % of the earth’s population spend a large portion of their lives sitting.

3. Breathing

Air pollution is also one of the major causes of death these days. The levels of air pollution are on the rise all over the world. So just by taking in air pollution can cause lung cancer, which is a cause of a premature death.

2. Stressful Jobs

There are a number of jobs that pay high but there is a high level of stress that will accompany it. So it can be said that jobs that induce a lot of stress can cause an early death. Stress has been studied to cause a number of physiological complications and diseases.

1. Enjoyment

A life with enjoyment and recreation is no life. For this reason, always spend some time in living for yourself and not for others. Altruism is good but you should never compromise on having fun. No matter what kind of work you might do, you can always spare some time for recreation.

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