10 Unknown Facts about Nelson Mandela

People like Nelson Mandela are born once in centuries. He might not appear to be a great leader to most of you, but he was. There is no question on the leadership skills and abilities of this person who was more than just charismatic. In addition to being a popular leader of the Blacks, more specifically the South Africans, he was also a true inspiration for the leaders all over the world. One of his core traits was the respect for humanity. There are some hypocrites who used to criticize his policies more often and are now trying to undermine what they did by attending his final burial ceremonies. No matter how hard we might try to find a replacement, there is a probability that no other Nelson Mandela will be born again. One reason given by the religious people all over the world is that the world is coming to an end. This argument might be somewhat reasonable, as the world is no longer producing great leaders. It is relevant to mention in this regard that there were some humans like Stalin and Hitler who were a disgrace in the name of humanity, but at the same time, there were people like Lincoln, Mandela and Luther King Jr. who proved that humanity is still alive. With some optimism about the human race in mind, here I will be presenting to you some unknown and surprising facts about the life of Nelson Mandela.

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10. No Self-Presentation

He was among those few people who didn’t wanted to be the spotlight in everything. He more often used to refer to himself as being an ordinary man and not a messiah. Although millions all over the world used to see him as a saintly figure, but Mandela never asserted the same. The beliefs and acts of Mandela are an open testament to the fact that he was a truly humble person. He accepted his mistakes and vulnerabilities, but was able to overcome them with the passage of time. We should take his life as the life of a man who stood for what he strongly believed in.

9. Communist

Most of you might not like this fact about Mandela, but he was a communist in the sense that he believed in equality and stateless societies. The South African Communist Party was remained in direct opposition to the ruling party in the 50s and 60s. There is a great piece of compelling evidence which suggests that he was an active member and participant of the communist movement.

8. Casanova

He was a Casanova as women were indeed attracted to him. Now here, most bloggers have taken this side of his in sexual terms, but the man was free from all these things. A number of writers have argued that the man was a really handsome and a good looking guy in his teenage and young days.

7. Three Wives

Although his first wife was really a good person, the opposite was seen in his 2nd wife. She tried her best to give the guy a tough time. You can imagine her as being the same as a 15th century witch.

6. Fight against Aids

He was a person who used to personally assist people with Aids. Most of you might be aware about the large scale persistence of aids in Africa. Mandela was the person who took the fight against Aids on its present level. He used to give personal checks to those who suffered from Aids unlike most other presidents who use government money to present a self-image of their own.

5. Gaddafi’s Friend

He was a good friend with Muammar Gaddafi but this does not mean that he was in support of the tyrant’s ideology. Gaddafi also used to supply a lot of support to the South African government at a time when they needed all the help they could get. He was also in support of his regime from the outside. There were a number of points in which Mandela was not in agreement with Gaddafi.

4. False Claims against the Man

When he had divorced his first wife, the woman claimed that the guy used to beat and abuse her. However, there has been no sort of compelling and reliable evidence in this regard. Even if there were some evidence, we should accept the fact that he was a human. Humans commit mistakes, but only a few truly repent on them. In fact, it is also believed that a number of governments actually used to fund the opposing parties of Mandela to bribe people to file false claims against Mandela.

3. ANC Military

He is the sole person to be credited for creating the ANC Military Wing. There is no end to those who saw Mandela as a terrorist, but he was not. It is quite common for the leading nations of the world to classify every other country which radiates power, as being a terrorist.

2. Opposed Violence

He directly opposed all sorts of violence against civilians by military regimes. No here it can be argued that some countries that declare to be democratic in nature, are still the same as dictatorship, especially the ones in which the state commits all sorts of violence against the civilians. It should be noted here that he never harmed even a single human being during his regime.

1. Sense of Humor

He was a man with a great sense of humor and knowledge. No matter what region of the world you might take about, Mandela was always able to perform better than all other leaders. Now you should remember that there are some cocky bloggers who try to use unreliable information about this great man with the sole purpose of making their posts more interesting and rousing, but no matter what they might say, Mandela was one of the greatest figures known to Mankind.

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