The Ten Best Restaurants to Eat Out In Hong Kong

In this list of the best restaurants to eat in Hong Kong, you will be able to find a number of useful options and places to choose from. The dining scene in Hong Kong is just amazing. With cuisines ranging from the traditional to the contemporary ones, you will be entertained much more than you can imagine. All you need is plan a visit to this part of the world. As soon as you will enter Hong Kong, that special feeling and enchantment is going to fill in your mind. Don’t worry, as you do are not going to find Edward Snowden there. Just like to say one thing here i.e. Snowden fled to this area just for the purpose of enjoying some of the best dishes in the world (bad joke). Moreover, there is also a probability that he might have been fed up eating the foods offered in the United States.

The Chinese dishes and cuisines are known all over the world. It is said that soon there will be no country left in the world, where the Chinese foods will not be available. So why are the Chinese so fond of food? Well, there can be countless number of reasons for this. One being the Chinese culture which has been marked for the people’s love for the best dishes. Whenever you get a chance to visit this former colony, you should spend some time in trying out the endless number of cuisines and drinks. Here is the list of the ten best and most recommended restaurants to eat out in Hong Kong.


Located on Johnston road, this restaurant is really a wonderful place to be with your partner. Most of the times, there are also a number of auto shows which are scheduled in front of it. The prime specialty of the restaurant is the Cantonese food together with a number of drinks.


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This Japanese restaurant is innovative in the way in which it prepares the foods. The chef of this eating haven is famous all over the world for the kind of dishes he prepares. In fact, there are some obsessed customers who travel hundreds of miles just to get a taste prepared by the chef named Satoru. Some of the famous dishes include Onsen Tamago, ikura, chilled cod shirako etc.


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If you are one of those people who love to enjoy eating while having an excellent panoramic view, this restaurant is the place where you should. It is, for sure, one of the best eating outlets in the domains of Hong Kong. Try the Cantonese specialties combined with the modern sauces and ingredients. The top recommendations are the marinated and shredded chicken, the honeydew melon, the oolong tea leaves, black truffles etc.


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The food offered here is really better than most of the restaurants in Hong Kong. Moreover, it is also one of the most exciting and stylish restaurants you are going to find in the Chinese city. The lush environment, with the classical designs and extravagant chairs, all account for the innate beauty of the restaurant. The dishes which you must try while being here include the barbecued pork, the wok fried pigeon and the boneless duck. There are also a number of other dishes which are available at your disposal.


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This place might not seem to be too appealing for you, but trust me, the food offered here is really astonishing. Their menu is full of the some of the highly rare dishes, most of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. The dishes you should try include the bird’s nest, braised pomelo, the goose web, the shrimp roe and many more.


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Umberto Bombana is indeed one of the most famous chefs in the world. Further to your surprise, the guy runs his very own restaurant in Hong Kong. Whether it be the modern Italian foods or the classical Italian-French dishes, you can ask for anything you want. The top signature dishes include marinated scampi, the burrata cheese ravioli, the red king prawn, veal chop Milanese and many more.


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Now here we have a small, yet one of the best small restaurants in Hong Kong. The name of the restaurant has been named in this way due to the endless number of celebrities, the chef has cooked for. Most of the dishes you are going to find on the menu are the ones which are loved by a number of celebrities, so if you plan to know what your favorite stars like, this is the place where you should be. The dishes which you must try while being at this one of a kind food haven include the fish head clay pot, Pig’s lung, the bean curd fritters and many more.


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 3. GOLD

The restaurant is suited for those who only love to enjoy the most delicious dishes. Most of the dishes on the menu are the ones for which the chef is famous including the lobster spaghetti, the Napoli tomatoes, the pecorino cheese, the Colorado lamb ribs and many more.

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Although most of the people don’t know about this restaurant, but those who do are really thankful to God for what they have found. Initially, the place didn’t manage to bag a large number of regular customers, but as their dishes and specialties became famous, it seemed like everyone had gone crazy. You will need to make an advance booking in order to have the taste of your life time. There is no sort of MSG which is used in terms of making the foods.


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1. ON LOT 10

Known to be the best French restaurant in Hong Kong, On Lot 10 is marked for the delicious and appetizing food it serves. The menu more often has the local chicken dishes and cuisines, but there is a lot more from which you can choose. The family style platters should also be included in your try-out list. Other top specialties include the roast foie gras, the salt crust, veal kidneys and many more.

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