The Top 5 Celebrity Fashion Icons of all time

Whether it be the celebrities, models or the muses, there are some them who have the right to be included among the top fashion icons of all time. Fashion is something which is integral component of the human psyche. There has been a considerable amount of research on the human need for fashion. In all, there is an agreement that the celebrities who take up fashion as a part of their persona love to distinguish themselves from all others. Whether it be the blonde and sexy looks of Marilyn Monroe or the attitude of Audrey Hepburn, there is a lot more to these people who are nothing less than the legends of the fashion industry. When it comes to the fashion industry, there is indeed a lot of diversity. But what we need to know is that fashion does not suits all. Although there is a conception that all human beings do have something special in them, but when it comes to fashion, then this belief is somewhat fallacious. No matter how hard some people might try, they just don’t have that special touch of elegance in them. The celebrities do happen to have a big impact on the way fashion is practiced and evaluated all over the world. The people I am going to share with you in this list are the ones who can be credited for starting it all. In fact, they are to be credited for giving birth to the never ending fashion industry. Here is the list of the top 5 celebrity fashion icons in the world.

5. Farrah Fawcett

Known to be one of the sexiest and gorgeous American actresses of her times, Farrah was more than her blonde looks. She had first risen to the domains of international fame with the role she had played in the TV series, Charlie’s Angels. She has also starred in a number of critically acclaimed TV series and movies. Her persona in the Charlie’s Angels series is what that defined her awesome and stylish appearance. Not to forget her record breaking poster which was marked for being sold for about 12 million copies. Moreover, her photo shots for the playboy and other magazines have also managed to gain a lot of attention.

Farrah Fawcett

4. Marlon Brando

Applauded in Hollywood a number of times as being the real Rebel, Marlon did play numerous roles on screen as well as in his real life. He has the right to be termed as the fashion hotspot for the men in those days. His bad boy image together with his sex symbol was something that most of the men and celebrities envied at those times. There was also a time when all of the teenagers wanted to dress, walk and talk like Marlon Brando who was the God of the Youth. Furthermore, this magnetic star is the one to be credited for introducing the motorbike paraphernalia to the whole world. In short, in his time, the men were all about dressing the Brando Way.

Marlon Brando

3. James Dean

Now here we have the man who is known for having died before his age. Words will indeed fall short in terms of describing what James Dean was all about. People use a number of references in terms of referring to James including the sex symbol, the true style icon, the cursed prince, the king of cool and many more. His taste for the fast cars together with the brazen persona which the world had given to him are only facets of what James Dean was in reality. He is also one of those few men till now who had managed to get the same levels of attention from men and women all over the world. He also had an immortal sense of style and elegance which is not shared by most of the male celebrities in the present times. So whenever you get a chance to think about James Dean, you should always think high and think loud.

James Dean

2. Marilyn Monroe

Here we have another ultimate fashion icon. In fact, she was the only female celebrity of her times who was famous not only in the US and Europe, but also in Asia. On seeing her face for the first time, most of you would have agreed that she had the poster appeal inherently. There is no end to the fashion lessons that you would be able to learn from the life of Marilyn Monroe. She has the right to be termed as being the one of the celebrities who had managed to garner the attention of not just Hollywood, but the whole world. There is still a lot about her that we can never know. In the present times, her persona can be seen in the form of archetypes which have been formed around her, including the way the impersonators copy her styles, her looks, her dressing and all that was related to her. Marilyn is no doubt one of the best fashion icons of all time. She was one of the most followed fashion icons of the 1950’s.

Marilyn Monroe

1. Audrey Hepburn

For Audrey, the roman style of life meant everything. Even her son accepts the fact that Audrey was a person who loved the roman culture. You might recall her saying that she has more sex appeal on her nose than most of the women might have on their entire bodies. In addition to being voted as the most beautiful and the sexiest British woman of all time, she has also received the same from all over the world. Not to forget that she also got an Oscar for the exceptional acting she displayed in the movie “Roman Holiday”. There are also some instances in which she was found confused on knowing that why the world considered her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. That’s not all, as Audrey was among the few women of her times who loved the fact that they were getting old. So, whether or not, you agree with this ranking of the 5 celebrity fashion icons of all time, the people I have added in the list deserve your gratitude. If you ask your grandparents about her, you will be able to know she was one of the top fashion icons of the 1960’s.

Audrey Hepburn

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