Top Pocket Video Projectors

It’s no secret that consumers can now enjoy the benefits of a quality video projector without needing to spend huge amounts of cash. You may have realized that there are dozens of projectors that cater just about every consumer’s needs. The latest trend from the industry is compact projectors. Pocket projectors have become all the rage mostly because of consumers that asked for a way to connect their smartphones or other mobile devices to a screen without any hassle. Consumers that have invested in these pocket projectors have realized that it is possible to use them for everything ranging from business conferences to personal entertainment.

A home video projector is an excellent investment for those that want to take their movie or gaming experience to the next level, however, these devices aren’t usually designed for the plug-in and play crowd; while it is true that they have got easier to setup and use over the years, their designs aren’t made for extreme portability (even though most of them are easier to setup than a standard TV). There are more projectors at this website. Pocket projectors weigh approximately less than two pounds, and can be used immediately after connecting them to a mobile device. These compact devices use LED as a light source, which helps them deliver over 25k hours of lamp life coupled with low power consumption. There’s a whole new development of projection screens that have been created for these pocket devices.

Some of our favorite pocket projector models are:

AAXA P300. With a brightness of 500 lumens, DLP technology and a 1280×800 resolution, the AAXA P300 has already won thousands of fans. This is an excellent choice for those that want to combine quality entry-level features with an affordable price tag.

Vivitek Qumi Q5. The Qumi Q5 is the device that caters the needs of consumers that need extra power and quality. The good news is that it is still less expensive than a medium range home video projector. It offers 500 Lumen, the latest DLP technology for projectors in this range and a 1280×800 resolution.

AAXA M2. We recommend this model for those interested in a pocket projector that will deliver the goods without any stand out features. 110 Lumens, LCos technology and a 1024×768 resolution.


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