Top 5 Most Sold Smartphones in the World

You might have thought about the most sold Smartphones in the world? If not, then just continue reading this list of the best and most profitable Smartphones in the world. With the features and goodies like Google Now, GPS, Google Play and much more, these one of a kind phones are what that define the present era of technology. As soon as you get up in the morning, the first thing you look at is your Smartphone. It wakes you up by its alarm and tells you about your important meetings for the day. Afterwards, when you are taking your coffee, it tells you about the latest news updates and top gossips of the day. While driving, it informs you about the traffic flows through various areas, so you might not be stuck in the rush hour areas. While your meeting is going on, it points out the best restaurants in the area so that you may have a lunch with the client. There is a lot more to the Smartphone which you are going to experience after buying one of them for your personal use. With all this to offer, here is the list of the 5 best and most sold Smartphones in the world.

5. ZTE-8 Million Sales

Based in China, the company is known for launching its devices and gadgets on a daily basis. In addition producing some of the best Smartphones, ZTE is also marked for its other productions like 3G and 4G internet USB dongles and much more. In terms of the sales for the year 2012, the company holds the number 4th spot as one of the largest mobile phone producers in the world. ZTE has millions of customers inside and outside China, which is one of the reasons for which it has made it to the number 5th spot for the most number of Smartphone sales.

4. Sony-8.8 Million Sales

Some of you might have heard about the Sony Xperia Smartphone which is indeed one of its most sold devices. In addition to this, the latest version Sony’s Xperia Z-Smartphone has also taken a good start in the market previously, which indeed shows the company is showing a great deal of progress in the mobile phone markets. In the past years, Sony had made a number of joint ventures, by the brand name of Sony Ericsson, but now it solely focuses on the productions of its own Smartphones which are doing quite well in the markets.

3. Huawei-16 Million Sales

Huawei and Samsung have indeed made things quite difficult for Apple. Despite of the claims made by the Apple Company against Samsung and other companies, still the Smartphone sales continue to take over the iPhone markets all over the world. Huawei is now all set to take the year 2013 with a bang, as it has announced a number of top notch Smartphone releases for this year. One such Smartphone is its Ascend P2 that has been released. In addition to using the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean version, the mobile phone has been loaded with a superior battery time and a never before colour display.

2. Apple-26.9 Million Sales

As soon as the iPhone had been launched in the year 2007, the worldwide mobile phone markets and competitors were taken aback with the features that were being offered in it. In addition to offering the users with a sleek look, video shooting and streaming options, various navigation apps, the iPhone also became famous for its aesthetic appeal. Now here most of the analysts are of the view that Apple did not offer something new, as most of its features were already being offered by other mobile phone companies at lesser prices. Till now the market shares of the company have fallen down nearly 1.5 %, but still it has the potential to compete with the Smartphones market.

1. Samsung-56.2 Million Sales

Now here we have the big gun-Samsung that has taken the lead in terms of the most number of smartphone sales in the world. The Samsung Galaxy series has changed the conceptions and preferences of people about the iPhone. All around the net you are going to find thousands of blogs and articles on why you should choose Galaxy S3 over iPhone which are indeed open and unbiased testaments of the features that Samsung has offered in this series. That’s not all, as the company plans to set a monopoly over all the Smartphone sales by introducing some new and alpha class android phones. So, now you know about the 5 most sold smartphones in the world.

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