The Top 10 Ugliest Rockers Still Alive

Great talent doesn’t always equal great looks. When it comes to music, this isn’t necessarily a big concern; at least not for well-established rockers. This isn’t to say that some rockers couldn’t see some noticeable improvements with a San Diego facelift operation”.


Roland Orzabal


The Tears for Fears singer, best known for the ’80s hits “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” has a face that doesn’t exactly stop traffic. Even in the looks-obsessed ’80s, Orzabal wasn’t exactly a GQ man.


Keith Richards


The Rolling Stone icon wasn’t exactly aging well 20 plus years ago either. The weathered look works for an historic building, but not so much for an aging rocker who’s years of hard living have obviously caught up with him.


David Crosby


Even though he donated his “services” to Melissa Etheridge, David Crosby remains one of the most unattractive rockers around. Granted, he still has that ’70s look – which is part of the problem.


Ric Ocasek


While he did marry ex-model Paulína Porizkova, the Cars singer is hardly something to behold. Ocasek has the basic features to build on, he just needs some adjustments here and there.


Iggy Pop


The “godfather of punk rock” looked like he was channeling Moses even back in his prime. While he still gives energetic stage shows, his face can stop a semi. A facelift operation” should be added to his next set list.


Steven Tyler


Years of hard living have not been kind to the former “American Idol” judge and iconic Aerosmith singer. Tyler may have juicy musical chops, but his face is a lot more rock than roll.


Gene Simmons


Gene Simmons looks great – with his Kiss makeup on. When the makeup comes off, however, it’s a different story. While his ego is just fine, he should consider keeping the makeup on.




The Motorhead lead vocalist and bassist may have one of rock’s signature voices, but his face looks more weathered than the guys on Mount Rushmore. The mutton chops and facial moles don’t help either.




He may do anything for love, but that clearly doesn’t apply to his face. It’s not a good sign when you look like something out of a horror movie, even when not making a video.


Axl Rose


Axl Rose was once one of the most desirable men in rock. Time can be so cruel. Today, the rock recluse is barely recognizable when he does come out of his hole.

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