Top 5 Richest WWE Wrestlers in the World

You might have heard about the richest sportsmen, but here I have a list of the richest WWE wrestlers. Wrestling is indeed one of the greatest forms of entertainment in the modern world. There is no end to the people who love to watch the game. Wrestlers really have taken this art to a whole new level. They have been battered, bruised and even injured themselves pretty harshly just for the sake of giving entertainment to all of us. But not to forget here that they are also very well paid for the job. All around the world you are sure to find millions of people who are actually obsessed with this game. WWE Wrestlers have managed to impress not only the Americans, but also a large number of people all over the world. Whether it is the articulate speaking style of CM Punk or the Evil looks of Kane, all of them indeed have something to offer to you. In addition to generating a huge fan following, these wrestlers have also managed to gather a fortune for themselves. For your knowledge, I have constituted a list of the 5 richest WWE Wrestlers in the World. Here they are.

5. Triple H-$ 25 Million

Known by his ring name of Triple H, Michael Levesque is one of the greatest wrestlers the game has ever produced. In addition to holding the title of the most World Heavy Weight Championship titles, he has also won the Royal Rumble. In his career, he has been a part of some of the most brutal and entertaining hell in a cell matches. Currently, he is serving the WWE world as Executive VC of all the Talent and Live Events.

4. Big Show-$ 30 Million

Big Show, who is also known to be the world’s largest athlete, has also won the heavy weight championship, ECW and WCW titles in the course of his wrestling career. In addition to this, he is also known to have won the tag team championship titles many times. On analyzing his career in the game of wrestling, there is no end to the feats and milestones he has achieved, which can be one reason for which is now being awarded a pretty handsome salary.

3. John Cena-$ 35 Million

Now here we have the Champ who is deeply admired among all the WWE fans. Yes, there have been numerous ups and downs in his career, but still he remains one of the greatest. Cena till now has won nearly 19 championship titles. Some of the analysts are also of the view that he will set some new records in the game for all the wrestlers to come. It is his gameplay, entertainment skills and fame for which he is now of the richest WWE Wrestlers.

2. Steve Austin-$ 45 Million

Do you like to be stunned? I am sure not, especially by the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin. The name of this guy goes many years back to the times when he used to be the best in the game. Moreover, Steve is also considered to be one of the few wrestlers in the world who have a made a real fortune out of their career. In addition to have won the Royal Rumble Title three times, he also a six time world champion. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of those WWE Wrestlers who have experienced a lot of injuries just for the sake of giving the fans some real entertainment.

1. The Rock-$ 70 Million

The People’s Champ is finally here. Being a 10 time champion, there is no other wrestler in the world who can boast of having the largest fan following in the world. In this career, he has achieved a number of milestones and has also been a part of some of the most exciting matches ever to be played in the history of WWE. The fortune he has earned till now also includes his earnings from his lead roles in a number of Hollywood movies. With such great talent and entertainment skills waxed in him, The Rock is one of the richest WWE wrestlers in the world.


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