10 Awesome Fast Food Items

Ten Awesome fast foods:


Chicken Pizza Masala

Every time I look at the menu, I can say that this food is full of meatballs and filled with velvety marinara. So I ordered this one but when I had an actual eye on it. This is chicken masala tikka. It sounds pretty familiar then I remember it now. This is a classic curry dish from India. This mouth-watering food is full of strong ingredients like onion, chicken, sauces and tomato. It consist Buffalo wings with marinara sauce and filled with blue cheese. It is awesome and I’m starting to love Hindi foods.




Baja Bouillabaisse

What makes this a very appealing one for me? Well it’s quite obvious. A French dish and style of stewing seafood are all great. This bouillabaisse from Baja Fresh has a slight touch of Mexican style. It has grilled Burrito with lobster meat in it. The tacos from Mahi Mahi with fresh shrimp can add up to its delightfulness. The garden salad and a soup that will surely let you indulge to this wonderful meal. So who’s in for this?




Baked Spuds

This snack is made of spuds which have sour cream and chive for potato. It has bacon for meat lovers and some cheesy cheese. The broccoli can simply make is as spending snack for everybody. All of them are superb.




Jack in the Bento

What is more than oriental and authentic Japanese foods? Well I’m sure you have enough with western style. Let us indulge to the maximum level as we savor the best flavor of this meal. The steak Teriyaki is just so yummy with sushi roll from ciabatta loaf is enough to satisfy our inner sense. Well since Asians are into carbohydrates. This box contains rice and spicy chicken. You can feel the crunchiness and crispiness of it. You have all in one box and that is to fulfill your physiologic needs. Nothing more , nothing less.





Another must-taste dish is the tacobellini. It is awesome to know that this food can take it further with the remake of tacos and tortillas to create something different. Don’t forget about the supreme Burritos that have beef taco as part of the meal will surely let you endeavor the crispiness of the food. To spice up your life, adding some hot sauce in it will burn your taste buds but will take you further to a higher level of eating experience. The Sierra Mist can also make it stunning for everybody. That makes it as classy meal.




Osso BuKko

This is another sumptuous meal that will blow up your senses. Italian dish can surely make your taste buds rattle for more. The Osso Buco is a dish originating from Italy that has pork shanks browned and boiled. It has veggies in it. The barbecue sauce looks and taste good. This is why Burger King steps up from its name to redeem the glory of people who love to eat grilled ribs. Well for sure, you will love this meat dish. Imagine how this food has a mashed potato or French fries as your side fish? Well that could really swirl up your stomach.




Wendy’s Napoleon

Another French dish took the spot for best food items. The sweetness of the vanilla cake filled with traditional custard and cream are all in one. This is the best treat for people with sweet tooth. You know what I mean right? Be fancied with this food since it can add up to your gastronomical flavor addiction. There is nothing wrong with it, just make sure that you need to neutralize the flavors and limit yourself from eating too much of this.




Seared Pollock Cake with Southwest Ramalan Sauce

Have you ever tried a crab cakes? Well it may sound weird but if you try to imagine it well that would be totally (fishilicious). However, it is not about the fish. It is about seafood products that are bind together as part of the ingredient and make it into cake. Don’t forget the superb Ramalan sauce. This can totally add up to the exotic experience that you will never forget. Sometimes, we need to try something extraordinary and this one fits for it.




Spicy Chicken Sushi

It’s all about chicken again. No wonder why chicken is the most loved meat of everybody. Probably it is because of the less cholesterol in it. This item does not only serve you with chicken but it is part of the ingredient for Sushi. Wow! It is more than anything else. The spicy Chicken Sushi marks another appealing and endearing food to make this as an extravagant meal. What’s more? It is made of Popeye’s Chicken. Yes the most popular one in California. Make sure to try this one if you are looking for some exquisite meal.




Boston Krème Brûlée and Fruit Tart

This magnificent desert is very lavish. The creamy filling that will gradually melt into your tongue is just so awesome. As you feel the intense sweetness of the Brulee which is a classic dessert that is originating from France is filled with custard and layer of caramelized sugar. Whew! It’s all about sweetness guys. Can you imagine eating this food rich in glucose? Well to neutralize it up, you can also enjoy the fruit tart with a light touch of strawberries that will surely redeem your taste buds from the sweetness of the Brulee.

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