Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts under $ 25 in 2012

Cracking out some nice and desirable gifts for your loved ones is something you should do more often. But when it comes to giving the best Christmas Gifts you should try to get more precise and concerned in making the selection of the gift. The day of Christmas is the best for doing something that is going to reduce the grudges between you and your relatives. Furthermore, it also happens to be the best time for patching up with your long lost friends. But due to the present economic meltdowns and crunches, you should also keep into account your financial conditions and pocket range. The year 2012 is indeed going to be the year of the best Christmas ever, as giving gifts even in these times of recession is something everyone is going to appreciate. In order to help our readers in finalizing a gift within their financial reach, the top 10 best Christmas gifts under $ 25 are going to be of much help. I am sure that top Christmas gifts are really going to make your day memorable, as they are some of them are best suited for being given to men and women equally. Here they are.

10. Wai Lana Yogi Mat-$23.56

Health is one of the most important social and personal issues of these times. Being healthy is like being at the top of the world. Yoga has long been considered to be the exercise that comes to enhance your cognitive and physical abilities. It is also quite helpful in managing tensions and anxieties. So why not give the yoga mat as a gift to your loved one, as an indicator that you do care for his or her wellbeing.

9. Gourmet Tea Set-$ 19.99

Old age women love to have tea sets and other similar gifts. The reason for which this gift can be the best one for your grandmother or mother, as it serves to remind them of the olden times. Furthermore, the elderly people do not desire the freaky gadgets and all other similar stuffs and prefer to keep their demands limited to small things. The best Christmas gifts for women are not necessarily expensive. What is the use of such a Christmas gift which has no feeling?

8. The Freakonomics Book-$ 10.87

Books are a good source of entertainment and intellectual gratification, but not all books serve the purpose. It is imperative that you send your loved one something new and different. One such book is the one recommended above that endeavors to channelize the thoughts in optimistic dimensions.

7. 36 Pack of Intech Ti Golf Balls-$ 23.77

If your father or any other loved one is a golf enthusiast, then this gift is really going to make his or her day. Golf balls are something which never go wasted and can be used from time to time, especially when you love to play the game more often. Golfers always love to have these gifts.

6. Flashy Rhinestone Watch-$ 19.99

Why put a dent on your wallet in buying expensive watches, when you can have the same thing in a much lesser amount? It is something which your diva is really going to love on Christmas Day. The prime purpose of any watch is to remind a person about the time, but what this watch does is that it reminds your loved one about the time you first met.

5. Trendy Pashmina Scarf Rap-$ 8.99

Wearing a scarf is one of the top trends in the US states and cities. Any woman of the 21st century is going to love this addition into her daily wear.  This scarf is not just any scarf you are going to find, but in fact it makes use of high quality color combinations and materials which make it to appear above all others in the markets.

4. Kensington USB Car Charger-$ 9.99

Imagine that you need to make an important phone call from your car, but your cell shows a zero battery and pops off. Looking for a call booth is also going to take more time and it is also not safe to go for at late night. So, why not do something different this Christmas and offer this gift to your relative or any other person who matters to you.

3. Popular Science Magazine Subscription-$ 12

This gift is best suited for those who are the science freaks. Even your Girl Friend might be the one who loves science. So, a yearly magazine subscription is going to be a long term love investment which you should make this Christmas. Furthermore, you can also get a number of magazines on various topics in the same price.

2. San Disk Extreme Pro SD Memory Card-$ 9.99

Why not buy this gift for your crazy gadget freak lover or family member. This SD card is one of the fastest and high fi memory cards in the market which can be used for a number of different purposes. The shutterbags can really make some good use of this card.

1. iHome iHM60 Speakers-$ 19.95

These one of a kind speakers are just awesome, loud and portable. They also come in a variety of different colors and shapes. Furthermore, you can also make use of the storage mode which is turned on by pushing the top and bottom together. Just insert the headphone into them from your mobile phone and there it is, a high class and a never before sound quality.


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