Top Ten Winter 2012 Fashion Tips

Winter means cold, maybe even freezing weather. In many places it also means rain, ice and snow. It can be tempting to skip trying to be fashionable when you are trying to stay warm, but with a few tips you can keep looking good and keep the chill off. So keep the old, ratty sweater put away and get ready to revitalize your closet.

1. Layers
Layers are the number one tip because they are the most important thing you can do to look great and stay warm. Start with jeans, a tank top and boots and start adding layers from there. Consider a button up shirt with a cardigan for an inner shell and a colorful blazer for an outer shell. If you don’t have one already, invest in a great coat, along with hats, scarves and gloves. All those layers will keep you warm and are easily removable when you go inside.

2. A Coat that Fits Right
A coat does not need to be ugly, shapeless or bulky to keep you warm! If you are the sporty type, try a cropped pea coat made of quality material. It will wear like your favorite blazer while providing extra warmth. If you’re the classy, elegant type, try a longer button up with a pretty print, big buttons and a nice collar.

3. Don’t Give up on Dresses
The thought of having your bare legs exposed to the frigid air is not a pleasant thought to anyone, but with the abundance of nylons, stockings and boots available today, it’s possible to wear a dress and keep your legs warm.

4. Switch to Winter Colors
This doesn’t mean wearing black and grey all of the time. Swap those pink skinny jeans you loved in the summer, for a deep green. Liven up a drab outfit with a colorful scarf or by a colored jacket instead of the traditional black.

5. Buy Clothes with Sleeves
Heading to a Christmas Party, get the red dress with full or ¾ length sleeves. It’s warmer, more sophisticated and won’t end up looking like a leftover bridesmaid dress from summer.

6.  Invest in Flat Boots
Yes, the healed ones are sexy, but when walking long distances flat boots are much more practical. Think of all those flats you own to avoid high heels in the summer. With the icy weather flat boots are also less likely to slip, preventing unwanted injuries for the holidays.

7. Try Leopard Print
Leopard print has become increasingly popular, almost to the status of denim, so if you like chic clothes give it a try.

8. Don’t Overdo Sequins
It seems like winter is when all the stores unleash every sequined item they own but be careful to not use them too much. You want to make a statement, not blind everyone in the room.

9. Wear Red
Red is a bold color and not necessarily for everyone, but if it does work for you, winter is the time to wear it as it tends to clash with the colors of other seasons.

10. For men: Try a Classic Hat
Instead of the knit hat that looks homemade, try a more traditional hat such as a bowler or fedora.

Fernanda Bohme, Co-founder of Bohme Boutique, loves to write about fashion and the retail industry. Visit Bohme to see boutique clothing.

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