Top Ten Horrific Facts about Syria Uprising

“Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least”  — Robert Byrne—

You all must have heard and read about the ‘Arab Spring which has taken place in the recently. Situations like this happen when people start disliking the rulers more than the threshold level required for a democratic government i.e., ‘least disliking’. It all started on 18 December 2010 and hitherto, this revolutionary movement has swept the dictators from the countries of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. At the moment, Syria and Bahrain are in the process of being converted into democratic framework from the previous dictatorship regime. Newspapers are brimming with the news of Syria nowadays expressing the atrocity and inhumane treatment of the Syrian locals by the current dictator ruler Bashar al-Assad. We hope that the denizens of Syria, following the footsteps of the other Arab nations, succeed to overthrow the dictator and establish a democratic government instead. Let us get on to the ten facts regarding the Syria uprising in particular.

10. The Syria internal conflict commenced on 26 January 2011 and the purpose of it was to usurp the powers from Bashar al-Assad who has been ruling Syria for nearly five decades now. The Ba’ath Party is ruling Syria for a very long time indeed.


9. Every movement has some root causes at its base. The major causes behind this uprising were Authoritarian government, Government corruption, High unemployment and Inspiration from other Arab countries.


8. Prima facie, it seems like that there is no sectarian content involved in this internal conflict but as a matter of fact there is. The opposition forces are mainly Sunni Muslims and the governmental forces belong to Alawites sect which is affiliated with Shia Islam. Consequently, both of the groups are supported by their respective international supporters. For instance, the government is being very much backed by Shia-dominated country Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.


7. Some of the government soldiers refused to fight against their own people so they formed unions with the civilians called Free Syrian Army. Together, they are determined to fight against the government forces which are determined to contain the rising pressure.


6. Let us have a look at some figures now. The official number of Syrian refugees is 42,000 and unofficial number has reached up to 130,000 at this point of time. People who wanted to escapes violence fled to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.


5. Human Rights Watch has also been active in this entire scenario on a number of issues such as the torturing and killing of children, use of human shield to advance in the areas of anti-government forces and heavy shelling by the government of residential areas, thus eliminating entire families to show brutality and atrocity.


4. The possibility of military intervention by the international community has been ruled out by most of the countries as they don’t this to be an appropriate solution to already war-stricken country. GCC states, EU states, Arab League and U.S have stringently condemned the use of violence against the civilians by the government forces.


3. You will be appalled to know the number of deaths which resulted as a direct consequence of this uprising. As per numerous sources, around 12,790 – 18,360 people have died half of which are believed were civilians. This includes 3,260 – 3,645 members of the security forces.


2. A few days back, Syrian forces again struck with their dirty and gory mentality when they killed around 92 people in the town of Houla. In this, there were around 32 children. The scene cannot be described in words here as according to some sources, one could even find the head of the children blown up into two pieces. International community has taken serious notice of this deadly massacre and soon an emergency meeting will be held in this regard.


1. Amid the rising pressure of the rebellions, there is still a section of the Syrian society that is in favor of the government. Especially, after the membership of Syria was suspended from Arab League, large rallies were organized in the cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Tartus and Lattakia.


                                                        BEST OF LUCK TO SYRIAN PEOPLE!

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