10 Facts You Might Not Know About The End of The World

In case you are not aware of these stuffs, people like Mayans have their own way of predicting the end of the world. They are considered as the oldest tribe that had ever survived. Other than them, there are things as well that have contributed to the facts that supports the apocalyptic end of the world in 2012. There are many people who don’t care about it but guys take a closer look in what is happening in our world. It may sound impossible but based in the Book of Revelation where it is stated there that the second coming of the Creator is near. Signs such as famine, war, floods, and other natural disaster occurrences are fast approaching. Anyway, I have listed the 10 things that “maybe” you are not aware about the end of the world.



The symbol 11:11 is very usual for us. We all know that 2 digits divided by colon is a time. Yes it is. But there are people who claimed that this time has an imminent aura. They have claimed that this kind of hour has negative implication which disrupts their usual activities. 11:11 symbols may look creepy but 12:12 is creepier. We are aware of the intriguing 12-12 event December 2012 which is the predicted dooms day. We will see if this fact can support the prediction.




We all know that the world lives in a cycle. I’m talking about the human and ecosystem cycle. Man eats food and eliminates it. The end product goes to the land, the land absorbs it, and then the plants which stand on the ground eventually take some of its nutrients. The plant is eaten by most animals, and the animal is bound to be eaten by man. It’s like a life cycle that makes this homeostasis remains the same. What if one of it loses its balance? The entire part of the cycle will be disrupted as well. As what the famous scientist Einstein said that once a bee disappeared in the surface of the planet, a man has 4 more years to live in the world. If you want to know more about this, then you could relate the life cycle to what he is talking about.




Another fact that might lead to the dooms day is the massive and imminent occurrences such as the world war. This is something that could entirely destroy the planet. Massive destructive weapons are becoming realistic from other parts of the world. Once the war began, everything on earth will suffer. This also includes the nuclear bombs that can entirely wipe out a certain part of the world in an instant. It is inevitable but we can do something about it. There are predictors that believe about the commencement of world war III will end up the life on earth.




Another fact about the dooms day is the I Ching. This is one of the oldest books in the world that is originated in the east. It is interpreted as the Book of Change wherein it has a lot of representations about the mischiefs and misfortunes that has something to do with images and numbers. Most of the facts here are interpreted by many psychic and experts such as anthropologist that this symbolizes the impending dooms day. Nobody can ever describe how this book was made but other speculations that have swirled the entire world that this book was in the possession of a shaman and diviners who sacrificed their life to envision the future.




Another fact that is related to the end of the world is the prophecy of the Mayan Tribe. This is the most common fact that most people are familiar with. It has something to do with their calendar that have predicted the life cycle of our planet. Many believed that the end cycle of the earth will happen this year. Nobody could ever interpret the true implications of the remained culture and beliefs of the Mayan. For your information, Mayan is one of the oldest tribe to have envisioned the future.




According to the Holy Book of Christian, it was stated in the revelation that the man who is sinners will suffer from the scorching heat and be put into the immense lake of fire. Those people who have not accepted Him and glorified His name are most likely to suffer from it. As goes with the scientific explanation, they have focused with the activity of the Sun as this can flare up the entire solar system in every 100 years. Other speculations about the issue are that the next flare up of the sun that is caused by the changing magnetic poles of it might happen this year.




Another set of believers who are spiritually inclined are the Mormons. This religious sect has their own scrolls that enlist millions of people. This scroll is sad to be buried in a place that is holy and can’t be destroyed even by a nuclear bomb. The names of the scroll are the list of people who died and eventually needs to be reunited with other members of the sect after the end of the world. They also believe with the eternal life that can exist after the dooms day. This is their process of baptizing the dead.




The holocaust of natural disasters can entirely swipe out the living creatures in earth. This has something to do with earthquakes that are currently shaking the earth’s core to various parts of the world. It also includes the famine, diseases and other natural occurrences that are currently manifesting. Typhoons and tsunamis are very intense that this can entirely destroy even the biggest infrastructure in the world.




According to the beliefs of the Monks in Tibet, they believed that the dooms day is fast approaching because most of the people are focusing with the material things, power and authority. This has something to do with principles that can entirely cause severe sufferings in the future. The political issue is one factor that can initiate the worldwide conflict. Human interest is another factor that will make this dooms day a real one.




The planetary activity such as the grand alignment of the planets will eventually affect each other’s gravitational force. This fact has something to do with the galactic activity that can affect the magnetic poles of the earth. If these poles are disrupted, it can eventually affect the climate causing massive heat that is not appropriate for living. Dooms day will occur right after the polar swap will take effect.

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