Top 10 Most Economical Cars in the World

With a big shift towards people’s attitudes in the environment and many families struggling with the rising costs in fuel. There is an increasingly growing interest in economical cars.
The running of a car takes up a large chunk of available household budgets and a country wide tightening of finances has led to more and more people seeking out alternative methods of travel, including walking and using public transport. Of course, getting around without a car is not always ideal and relying on public transport can often prove troublesome. The good news is that there is a wide range of economical cars, offering a chance to cut down on fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. And they are no longer the ugly looking machines of days gone by, in fact some of the cars on the following list of the 10 most economical cars in the world happen to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing.




10) Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CTDi 95

The small and humble Vauxhall Corsa has long been one of Britain’s bestselling cars and is loved by pretty much everyone. The fact that it is one of the most economical on the market only serves to add to its appeal. The 1.3 litre diesel model provides an excellent average fuel economy of 87 mpg and 94g/km of CO2 emissions, making it really cheap to run, tax and insure. The latest version of Vauxhall’s number one car also looks great and has plenty of room for families.



9) Renault Clio 1.5 dCi 88 FAP Eco

The Renault Clio is another much-loved car and one of the most popular hatchbacks on the market. With the 1.5 dCi Eco model, Renault are making moves to firmly establish themselves in the economical and fuel-efficient market and seem to be going the right way about it. The latest Clio gives a very impressive 78.5 mpg with only 94g/km of CO2 emissions.



8) Lexus CT 200h

Lexus has never been a car manufacturer that you would associate with economical, but the CT 200h has proved they know what they are doing when it comes to reduced emissions. Keeping with their theme of producing cars for the luxury end of the market, this latest offering emits just 94g/km of CO2 thanks to its Toyota Prius hybrid engine and does 69 miles per gallon.



7) SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive

Based on the Volkswagen Polo, the latest SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive is a great all round motor for those looking to save on fuel, running costs and to help the environment. Mileage comes in at around 80.7 mpg and emissions at 92g/km making the ideal car for small families.



6) Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

The Polo BlueMotion is the model that has influenced the SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive and, as always, offers VW’s outstanding quality. Volkswagen has long been a leading name in motoring and they are universally loved by purists. This eco-version of the popular Polo comes with a very tidy 1.2 turbo diesel engine delivering 80.7 mpg and emitting only 91g/km of CO2.



5) Skoda Fabia Greenline

Over the past decade, Skoda has earned themselves a reputation for producing solid, well-built and well-performing vehicles with an economical edge. This super-mini is an excellent city vehicle and emits only 89g/km of CO2 and gives 83.1 mpg.



4) Toyota Auris Hybrid

Arguably the most famous name in economical car manufacturing, Toyota always offers quality. The British built Toyota Auris is a companion to the Prius and comes with the same petrol electric hybrid engine. By owning an Auris you can expect to receive a return of 74.3 mpg and CO2 emissions of 89g/km.



3) Toyota Prius T3

The original and most famous eco car of them all is still one of the best names in fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly driving. The entry-level model of the Prius range is the T3 which, while not being the most spacious of cars on the market, is still one of the best, giving an average of 72.4 mpg and emitting only 89g/km of CO2



2) Smart Fourtwo CDI

A list of the most economical cars could not be without a Smart car, and this offering is one of the best on the market. As expected with Smart, this motor is tiny but offers some great features and delivers 85.6 mpg whilst emitting only 86g/km of CO2. A great car for all you eco-friendly people out there.



1) Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics

The number one spot on the list belongs to South Korean motoring manufacturer Kia and their supreme Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics. This car has both the looks and performance and delivers an unparalleled 88.3 mpg and 85g/km of CO2 emissions. The five door family model of this car is ideal for families providing spacious surroundings and delivering an effortlessly comfortable ride. A great car.

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