10 Things to Do After a Breakup

A breakup is a pretty tough time in a person’s life. In the weeks and month after parting ways with a partner, your life becomes a blur of day-time television, awful movies and junk food. Where once you were a presentable human being, you become a disgruntled mess; sitting in darkened rooms and eating only ice cream and crisps. Of course, this cannot go on forever, at some point you need to pull yourselves out of this state. Here are 10 things you should do after a breakup.



10) Don’t let it ruin your life

You’ve been in love before; you’ll be in love again. This relationship may have felt like “the one”, but hey – that’s life. Take time out for yourself and a new relationship will come around, and when it does you will be ready for it. Whatever you do, don’t start dating again until you are happy being single – that will only end in disaster!



9) Sleep a lot more than you used to

You’re down in the dumps, so sleep it off. Sleep like you have never slept since you were a baby and do not remove yourself from your slumber until you feel like you absolutely cannot sleep anymore. The flipside to this is not sleeping at all. Although that lead you into thinking what could have been, and that’s not good.



8) Listen to angry/bitter songs

There are few things better to do post-breakup than listen to some angry, bitter or mournful songs by artists who clearly hate their ex-partner. Seek out such songs and listen to them LOUDLY on repeat. The problem for guys is that most of these songs are by female artists.



7) Read your partners Facebook and Twitter

You’re probably interested to know how it all went wrong, right? Well get on to social media to find out. Visit your partners Facebook and Twitter pages (if they haven’t deleted you for all of those messages you sent!) and try to get yourself clued up. The signs might have been there all along.



6) Sicken your friends

The good thing about a breakup is that you will have plenty of friends saying things like “I’m here if you need me”, although they don’t mean this, they can’t do a thing if you take them up on their offer. Tell your friends tales of the good times and then depress them with the harsh realities of a relationship. If they are in a relationship themselves, give them some home truths.



5) Go out on the town

You probably haven’t been out in a while, so get in touch with your friends and get out for a night on the town. Wear your best clothes, get drunk and dance in the embarrassing way that your partner would never let you get away with. Wake up the next day with a hangover and resort to tip number 9 on the list.



4) Write to his/her parents and grandparents

Your partner may be at the top of your hate list right now, but everything will still be good with their parents and grandparents. Write to them or send them an email saying how fond you were of them and that you were happy to have known them. Getting along with your partners family is a way to stay in the life of your ex so that you can rub it in their face when you are flying high in the future.



3) Hang out with your mum and dad

Your partner may not love you anymore, but your mum and dad always will. In times of a breakup, you need the love of your parents more than ever, so why not start hanging out with them like you used to when you were a kid? You parents will love it, and you can get treats from them every time you go out. You can even make them take you to the seaside and amusement parks



2) Get rid of everything associated with your partner

Remember all of those fun times that you spent with your partner, taking photos of each other on holiday and squeezing in to a photo booth for some wacky stills – you won’t need them anymore. Rip them up and bin them, or burn them if that makes you feel better. While you’re at it, rid yourself of everything that you have of theirs, or that reminds you of your ex-partner in any way.



1) Treat yourself

Now that you’re not in a relationship, you can concentrate on the most important person in your life – you! Get out there and treat yourself, buy some new clothes, shoes, a new car, or anything that you want. You won’t be buying any silly gifts for your ex anymore, so you’ll have plenty of money to spare.

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