Top 10 Fastest Trains in The World

The way of civilization is constantly evolving. In fact, it is leading into something better as the days go by. People are continuously inventing things for their own benefits and advantage. The inventions are ongoing process thereby allowing men to improve their standards of living. The use of rail transportation is somewhat old. Matter of fact, there comes a time that railway vehicles are made from stone or wood. Because of man’s natural intelligence and resourcefulness, he was able to create an efficient engine to be used on railway vehicles to upgrade the railway transport system. Here is the list of the top 10 fastest trains in the world.





Belgium’s HSL-1

It started conquering the railway since 1997. The top speed achieved by this train is 186 mph, powered by 25 kV 50 Hz railway electrification systems. Because of its undeniable speed, it would only take you around one hour and thirty minutes to travel from Paris going to Brussels. It significantly shortened the journey time. The total cost of constructing this train is €1.42 billion.




Italian ETR -500

The ETR is an acronym for Elettero Treno Rapido, serving Italy since 1993. With a top speed of 190 mph, you will significantly reach Milan or Bologna in an hour. The model is also referred as Pendolino. The Elettero Treno Rapido is known in English as Rapid Electric Train.





It connects London, Paris, and Brussels. Its maximum speed is around 199 mph travelling through the Channel Tunnel. With its spacious built, it can carry total of 900 passengers in a day powered by 25 kV 50 Hz. The basic fare of such train is £69 from Brussels, Paris, and beyond. There are several ways for you to utilize in order to get fare discounts.




AVE Talgo-350

With a speed of 205 mph, AVE Talgo-350 connects Madrid-Valladolid and Madrid-Barcelona. The main point of this train is Spain, utilizing 25 kV 50 Hz electrification systems. It offers convenient and efficient travel, making your trip from Madrid to Barcelona in an instant. There is no denying this train deserves to be on the 7th spot on the list of 10 fastest trains in the world.





A Taiwanese train which gas a high speed of 208 mph. It can accommodate up to 989 passengers powered by 25 kV/60 Hz AC electrification system. It is one of the fastest and largest train in Taiwan.





AKTX 2 is a South Korea’s train which is manufactured by Hyundai Rotem aunder the management of KOrail effective 2009. It has a top speed of 218 mph. however, for security reasons it is running at 190 mph. Korean passengers can get to their destination faster than they can ever dreamed of. The KTX stands for Korea Train express. It began its operation in 1992, but got suspended in 1995.




TGV Reseau

It has a recorded top speed of 236.12 mph, powered by 25 kV AC. It is a small French train which can accommodate up to 377 passengers. For safety purpose, the normal running speed of the train is 199 mph. It began its railway operations since 1993.





This is a bullet train made from Japan. It is not surprising to know that this train has a top speed of 275 mph. the distinguishing characteristic of the train is its distinct nose. It is sometimes called as “Duck-Billed Platypus”. It has been serving the people of Japan since 1964, powered by a 25, 000 V AC.





TR-09 is a German train utilizing a magnetic levitation system. It is undeniably fast with a recorded top speed of 279.5 mph. The transrapid TR-09 is a monorail train. With its recorded speed, definitely it deserves to be in the second spot of the 10 fastest trains in the world.





Definitely, the fastest train the world which has a top speed of 302.8 mph. A railway vehicle made from China and is manufactured by the CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company. It can accommodate almost 500 passengers a day with major route from Shanghai going to Nanjing as well as Shanghai going to Hangzhou. This is the fastest means of travelling by land.

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