Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies in US

To have a vehicle of your own, no matter what kind or size it may be, absolutely is a dream come true or an accomplishment worth keeping and taking care of. Nonetheless, the assurance that all will be fine is unpredictable. Road accidents or car napping incidents need proper consideration. In case any of these happens, vehicle owners must be ready by knowing how to recover future losses. Vehicle insurance is also called (1) auto insurance, (2) car insurance, or (3) motor insurance. They are equipped with appropriate services to protect the car owner at any catastrophe and with any legal responsibility that he might face due to the incident. It is imposed in US that having car insurance is a must. The insurance needs to cover whichever liability that the accident might have caused both to the owners and to others affected by it. The auto insurance will be of great help in the coming days because it will avoid you from disturbances and harassments. Factors such as financial stability and competitiveness along with famous strategy and good labor will help you assess the best auto insurance companies. Most of all, they must meet and please the needs of their customers. Knowing the best among the rest will direct your future no worries for accidents and troubles that are bound with it.




10. 21st Century Auto Insurance

21st Century Auto Insurance Company made its way to the top by giving their customers exceptional quality services. They are very much open and honest to all transactions they make regarding policies sold. Such trait is admired by all their customers for this conduct erase worries.
9. Ensurance

Ensurance humbly started before the year 2000. It turned out to be the fastest rising car insurance company in the United States. It also emerged to be one of the most excellent. Their service is innovatively fresh for their customers. They may seem young compared to other companies but they too offer quality insurances.
8. Western United

Western United was also named one of the best auto insurance companies. Their services are always consistent and very reachable. Their very own customers are pleased with such services not to mention their offer of policies. This company has a rightful claim on the spot it now has.
7. GMAC Insurance

Holding its place on the top 10 of the best, and holding 3% of the market share, GMAC is proud to operate all its branches within US and international as well. Options are offered in wide range for customers to choose respectively. Car dealership and some other trades are given services too.



6. Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance

In over 100 years, Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance managed to be one of the best. It has grown much to fill its nearly 20 countries with its headquarters now. It has become even more capable of providing the best services for all its customers through phone calls as well as online. Experience has always been their edge to other companies. This is also the very reason why it is on the top 10 best auto insurance companies in the US. 4% market share is theirs to keep.



5. Nationwide Auto Insurance

Another firm company as to its financial stability in the market is the Nationwide Auto Insurance Company. It’s been around for 80 years, providing customers with satisfaction in their services. All day long, customers are free to ask for help in case needed. Their customers have a variety of choices when it comes to low insurance rates. With market share of nearly 5%, it still hits the top 10 spot of the best auto insurance companies.



4. Progressive

Progressive has always been in the top 10 list of the best car insurance companies in the United States. It is recognized to cater all customers’ needs depending on how much money they have for an insurance. It may differ from the standard auto insurance to the cheapest auto insurance. Customer service of Progressive is one of the best. They also handle claims very nicely. Other types of vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, Rvs, etc, can be provided with insurance in Progressive. Its market share is about 8%.
3. GEICO Auto Insurance

Government Employee’s Insurance Company (GEICO) has been in the field for over 70 years. During those years it accumulated almost 10 million trusting customers. These customers are pleased with stable financial means. Customers can choose freely from a broad diversity of policies that this company offers. They also have the best customer service. Where ever there customers may be, they are provided with needed support. This company owns approximately 8% of the market share.



2. Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate Auto Insurance Company is providing its customers outstanding financial possessions. With market share of 11%, it has the ability to give superb discounts admirable to all especially to teenagers and elderly drivers. Being famously present in the past 75 years, customers have grown in size and confidence in this company. Facilitated with online services, it is constantly on the top 10 list of the best auto insurance companies in the US.



1. State Farm Mutual

State Farm Mutual has been around for 90 long successful years. One of the most trusted in the field. Almost 20% of the market share belonged to this insurance company. That is why car owners are protected well. Through the years it reached just about 50 million customers. This company has services online and 24-hour client service. In fact, this is something every customer needs.

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