10 Geeky Gifts For Father’s Day

Every year, your dad might be receiving gifts that he already expects to get. It is always the things that he likes or needs, and rarely does he receive something he has never thought of getting. If you want to surprise and amuse your dad this father’s day, stop doing the conventional and look for Geeky Gifts For Father’s Day


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10.  Geeky Bags

Suggest a new look for your dad, and give him a bag that he may bring to work or outings that has a geeky touch on it. The theme could be vintage computer games, sci-fi movies, or modern gadgets. Be sure that his colleagues and friends would notice it, and say that he is trying on a unique style.]



9. Computer Part Designed Shoes


You don’t have to run and walk around with just the usual leather or rubber shoes. Let your father experience a new feel on his feet by giving him shoes with artistic designs like computer parts. People will not look at just his shirt and pants but would smile looking at what he is wearing below



8. Star Wars Tissue Holder


Now who doesn’t find R2D2 cute? This short robot that makes cute funny sounds is loved by many, and most probably by your dad. Make him replace his dull plastic tissue holder with a colorful Stars Was tissue container. It should add color and design to his office or room.



7. Modern Wedding Rings

No, you will not need to replace your parents’ wedding rings, but you could suggest them to go with the fast changing modernized world, and wear accessories that depict a modern look. One very viable thing that they could get would be rings where one is the usb flash drive and the other the plug. It not only symbolizes their unity and commitment, it also shows that information between them is freely flowing and shared!



6. Self-stirring Mug



With his busy schedule in appointments and meetings, your dad might always need a hot drink to ease out stress and fatigue. The secretary is not always there to help him with this, so why not get him a self-stirring mug that would do the mixing of his drink with the water and save time and effort! This is absolutely a must-have in the geeky gifts for dad.



5. Geeky Lighter



If your dad smokes and has to use a lighter at least thrice a day, you could surprise him by giving him a geeky lighter with a gadget design. He has to leave the trends of his days and embrace the phenomenal advancements in technology and computers and show it by using geeky tools. These are not boring, and may actually amuse others who may need to borrow a lighter from him.



4.  Cute Geek Cakes

Round, square, rectangle: these are the common and admit it, boring shapes of cakes since who knows when. There are also very common designs like flowers, linings, and margins, and everyone has to admit that these are too mainstream and a cake can be enjoyed more if is differently shaped and uniquely designed. Give your dad cakes that may take many forms and inspirations: internet applications, office software, and cell phone accessories. He might have to eat those, but at least he will be feeling a little different as he eats something that he has never eaten before.



3.  Modernized Pillows

Pillow designs are also very plain and uninteresting. Add modernized pillows to geeky things to give to your father and help him have a better comfort as he is sleeping or taking a nap. These pillows could take on an outer appearance of being an iPod, iPad, or cellphone. Although these do not contain wires and chips inside them, and can’t connect you to the internet, you can help your dad that he is part of today’s computer generation by giving him technology-inspired pillows!



2.  8-Ball with a Twist

Nobody would really gamble his fate by following the results in a magic 8-ball, but it s a fun tool used to decide among trivial choices especially those made with others. To add a twist to this geeky items to give to your father, look for one that responds with statements and notifications in the internet and other computer applications!


1. Geeky T-shirt

If you want your father to own something that would really make him feel how it is to be a geek, give him shirt that parades geeky statements! Of course pick those that wouldn’t embarrass him but enough to make people smile or even laugh about it. This is definitely at the top of the geek gifts. Go on and get one of these now before you find out that they’re out of the market! Shop well!


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