10 Facts About Iran’s Nuclear Activities

For a long time, Iran is an object of constant criticism and accusations in connection to its nuclear program. USA and other world powers en masse are treating Iran with iron hands and they vehemently forbid it to continue with its uranium enrichment program. Although, this entire scenario is subject to various controversies and it isn’t as simple as it looks like. Nowadays it is a very hot topic in the world news and everybody is concerned about what will be the fate of Iran as it has disturbed the sound slumber of lion! LOL. Today, I will tell you some ground realities on this topic. Stay with me as we move on to the list of top ten facts.




10. Iran is not operating a nuclear program at all. Yes this is true and is not claimed by me. An article in the National Intelligence Estimate Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities, it is mentioned that there are no signs of Iran possessing a nuclear warhead in the years to come and it doesn’t intend to build one. Remember, this conclusion has been reached after conducting interviews with top U.S and European officials.


9. IAEA Director General has reiterated in his speeches that there is no indication of Iran diverging from its original path and developing nuclear warheads. As Iran is the member of NPT, it is also not in breach of any conditions which are there in this treaty. Article II of the treaty states “not to manufacture or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons”. It seems like Iran is complying with this condition, isn’t it?


8. All the hype in media surrounds the constant uranium-enrichment by Iran. You will be surprised to know that under the NPT, its members are allowed to undergo uranium-enrichment in its nuclear facilities. What is it with Iran then which is bothering the world powers? THINK!


7. USA and other world powers are actually denying Iran the right of uranium-enrichment. They put it this way that Iran has been unable to meet “unspecified obligations” under NPT which is not true. Iran’s nuclear activities are under constant monitoring of IAEA and there is no complaint as such. Why is this happening then?


6. The three EU states UK, Germany and France accepted the right of Iran in connection to uranium-enrichment but later on they opposed this notion and took up the decision of not to let Iran continue with its enrichment program.


5. However, Iran offered the international community to put on extra safeguards from IAEA to ensure that the uranium-enrichment program is for peaceful purpose. This was not welcomed as the main aim was to end the uranium-enrichment at all and USA and its allies had a basic agenda that all nuclear activities of Iran should come to a naught. It is like treating Iran like a second-grade member of NPT which Iran wouldn’t accept at any cost. Peter Jenkins, who was the UK Ambassador to the IAEA from 2001 and 2006, confirmed this news.


4. Recently, on 24 May, the six world powers and Iran held dialogue on the agenda of nuclear program but failed to come to any conclusion. This meeting was in Baghdad and the next meeting is scheduled to take place in Moscow where the world powers will again to persuade Iran to halt its uranium-enrichment program.


3. Iran and Israel if compared on equal grounds, then it will come to our attention that double-standard is being applied in treating these two countries. Tough sanctions are imposed on Iran despite of the fact that it is declared to be in conformity of NPT by the IAEA, and on the contrary, Israel, which possesses almost 400 nuclear warheads, does not face any such treatment and instead received billions of dollars in aid from USA. Do you know Israel had got nuclear weapon which is even capable of hitting any Middle-East country? Now that is what you call ‘rule of a jungle’ or ‘Might is right’.


2. If I say that US and its allies are in breach of the international obligations then it will not be false. The Article 2.4 of the U.N charter states that “all UN member states “shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state”. In the light of this statement, what do you think about the world powers which are supposed to set a precedent for the other nations to follow?


1. The option of the military strike against Iran is getting popular in the news and is attracting much hype. Israel in particular is really losing patience and is all fired-up to take on a military strike on which USA seems to be lending a tacit support.

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