Police say they discovered 33 guns and seized 42 kilograms of

replica handbags online 20, 2017, Durham Regional Police executed a search warrant at Ansari’s address after firefighters noticed a suspicious substance in the basement and alerted police.Police say they discovered 33 guns and seized 42 kilograms of what was later identified as the deadly street drug carfentanil, believed to be 100 times more potent than fentanyl.Investigatorshave not said how Hussain obtained the handgun. A police source told Global News the firearm used in the Danforth shooting was stolen during a break and enter at a gun store in Saskatchewan in 2016.Ansari was charged with 337 firearm related offences and is currently out on bail.All charges against Fahad were either stayed and he was never convicted of a crime.READ MORE:Suspected Danforth mass shooting gunman was known to police for mental health reasonsInvestigators are still hunting for a motive for why the 29 year old opened fire with a handgun on the Danforth, killing 18 year old Reese Fallon and 10 year old Julianna Kozis, and wounding another 13 people. His family has said in a statement that he had “severe mental health best replica designer bags challenges,” including a lifelong struggle with depression and psychosis.On Wednesday, the so called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Toronto mass shooting, although provided no evidence linking the terrorist group to Sunday’s shooting.Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said there is no evidence support these claims and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said on Tuesday that currently there is no known “nexus” between Hussain and national security.”There is no national security connection between this individual and any other national security issue,” Goodale said.WATCH:Julianna Kozis, 10, identified as second victim killed in Danforth shootingPolice have not said how Hussain obtained the handgun. replica handbags online

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