10 Exciting Jobs you should look for

Most of the jobs in the world are not exciting at all. However, you should always try to search for a job that you will be able to have some fun and excitement at all times. It does not mean that you should opt for hazardous jobs or the ones that involve a great life risk. It has been reported that the jobs that involve a risk to life are not even paid well. Just visualize the job as a fire fighter. Running into a burning building and risking your life to save others demands a great deal of courage. It should be noted that this job is not among the most top paying jobs in the world. In fact, the income of firefighters is not even close to the amount of risk they take, but still they do this job for the excitement of it. With this said, here are the 10 most exciting jobs you should look for.

10. Bomb Disposal Squad Instant Courage

The blue one or the yellow one, the red one or the green one? The members of the squad keep asking themselves and their partners the same question. You should note that when it comes to disposing highly sophisticated bombs, then there are no experts. It is a job that demands instinct and courage to save lives of many others. Yet again, it is not the highest paying job but it is exciting and dangerous.

Bomb Disposal Squad

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9. Truck Drivers Show Courage In Their Own Way

For those who prefer solitude and peace, this is the job they should opt for. I am sure that most of you will disagree with me but this job demands courage and dedication. The pressure is also there in terms of making the deliveries on time. In addition, you are required to adjust your sleeping habits to avoid any accidents on the road. Sleep deprivation can cause a number of problems but not if you know how to manage your time.

Truck Drivers

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8. Pilots Must Be Smart

Becoming a pilot is a dream of many but it is not something that every other person is equipped to handle. It is said that in order to become a pilot, you should have superior problem solving skills and a high attention span. In other words, you should train yourself to attend to a number of things at the same time while having the lives of dozens of people in your hands.


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7. Garbage Collection Can Be Dangerous

The profession might not be glamorous but it is indeed something that can make you feel good about yourself. You should never pay attention to what others think about you as through this job you are going to do a great service to many people. Whether they agree with this or not, they are dependent on your services. The job is dangerous because these individuals drive trucks that are filled with many hazardous and dangerous chemicals. They never know when anything might go wrong. We should all show our respects to these individuals as they risk their lives for all of us.

Garbage Collection

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6. Loggers and the risks involved

Chopping down trees and working in a forest is not an easy job. There is always some risk involved in the process no matter how safe it might appear. A number of studies have confirmed that loggers are always a great deal of risk in the forests. The dangers include: snake bites, lightening, heat strokes etc. The danger is also there when they start cutting the wood into pieces. Any irregularities in the wood can cause large pieces of wood being thrown into their eyes. Although they use protection at all times, but anything can happen at any given time.


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5. Construction Workers Can Lose Their Life

All the jobs related to this profession are very demanding. Every year, dozens of construction workers lose their lives due to a number of accidents. The pay is not even close to being good but still many people have no other choice. They are required to perform their tasks in different environments from ground to thousands of feet in the air.


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4. Roofers Take Risks

It is similar to walking on a thin line or on a net. The job of a roofer is not for those who love to enjoy a peace of mind. Anything can happen on the roof including: rotten wood, slippery slopes etc. Just imagine the risk while working on a roof that is more or less a slide. Most of the times, their landings are not as soft as some of you might think.


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3. Metal Workers and powered torches

Working in an environment when most of the things around are like powered torches is something most of you would never want. Working in a metal factory requires courage, cool mindedness and a dedication to earn an average income with a great deal of risk. It is a profession that is not admired in many countries but still a large number of people are employed in it.

Salzgitter legt Bilanz f¸r 2012 vor

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2. Electric Power Line Workers Work Regardless of the Weather

Just imagine life without any form of electricity. Most of us can’t even dare to live a life without our smartphones and laptops. The reason for which we all enjoy continuous supplies of electricity are the power line workers. They are required to do their jobs in difficult weathers, at times of lightening and even during fast winds. At the same time, the height factor is another risk which the power line workers have in mind at all times.

Electric Power Line Workers

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1. Fishers and their dedication

Fishers do not have the most exciting job in the world neither the highest income. What they do have is a dedication to perform this lazy work on a daily basis. In addition, they are required to show some courage during times of sea storms and hurricanes. The dangers of the deep are much more than you can imagine.

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