10 Things You Should Do In New York

Here is a must visit list for all those who are new to New York. If you are visiting this city for the first time, then let me share some interesting information with you. First of all you should be ready for some insomnia because NY is the city that never sleeps. Secondly, you should have some cash on hand with you as you will be required to spend a lot of money in order to make the most out of this trip. Traveling to NY without a plan can turn out to be costly for you. I am sure that none of you will want to waste a lot of money without having to see the best of New York. For this reason, it is recommended that you follow this list. Tourists and travelers prefer to visit this part of the world all year around. No matter if you are on a business trip or a family venture, New York has a lot more to offer than can possibly imagine. I recommend that you let your imagination go wild once you enter the city and just keep absorbing everything that comes towards you. The City of Dreams is going to welcome you with open arms but only if you show some respect to it.

Here are the 10 things you should do in New York.

10. The Grand Central Terminal

You should travel to this place if you wish to feel the bygone era. Most people know this place as the Grand Central Station, but in reality is where you can have an idea about the illustrious history of the city. There is a whispering gallery, oyster bar and secret passages. You should see them all in order to understand and experience the mesmerism that surrounds this site.

The Grand Central Terminal

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9. The High Line

It is a fact that the people of NY love to walk a lot. So why not join them in the race? The high line is the place where you are going to witness the fast paced life of the city. Do remember to wear your joggers or something comfortable in order to keep up with the speed at which the New Yorkers walk. Along the highline, you will find a number of spectacular sights and views, thus making it is a walk to remember.

The High Line

Image Source: www.nycgovparks.org

8. Classic Pizzas

The pizza joints in the city happen to be one of the best in the world. In fact, the pizza shops in NY brag to be the most delicious and the best in the world. This claim of theirs indeed justified keeping in view the number of people who always give high ratings. You can also say that the pizzas of Gotham City are indeed something to live for. So, be sure to grab a slice of pizza in NY and experience the best pizza ever.

Classic Pizzas

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7. Central Park

Some of the places for which the city is really famous for includes Central Park. You can have a ride of the vintage circa or giggle at the sea lions. You can also enjoy a few lap runs with the locals who will be more than happy to accompany you. Trust me when I say that a visit to this park is something that you should never miss.

Central Park

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6. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The art of NY is yet again one of the most appealing features of the city. Even if you don’t have a liking for art, visiting this museum is not going to be something that you will repent. For those who do not know, this museum is classified among the best in the world. It is loaded with Greek and Roman scriptures, artefacts and a lot more from the past world. There is nothing more tranquilizing for the readers than spending some time in the library of this museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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5. Times Square

You might be amazed to note that a large number of New Yorkers prefer to avoid the Times Square. The reason is that this place has been transformed into something like a theme park that has now been overrun by tourists. You have no idea about the number of tourists who travel to NY just to visit this site. The best time to be here is during the night. However, again, do remember to bring in some cash with you as you will feel the need of spending it.

Times Square

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4. The Brooklyn Bridge

It is by standing at this bridge that you will be able to channel the energy that surrounds the city. It has been there since the times of 1883 when it was first opened. You should also visit the Coney Island using one of the many subways. That’s not all, as the Transit Museum of the City is also nearby.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Image Source: www.history.com

3. Coney Island

Superstorm Sandy did effect the island adversely but now Coney Island is back with a bang. There are a number of historic landmarks for which this island is famous for. You should first have a ride of the 87 year old cyclone roller. You should also try out the equally famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs.

Coney Island

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2. Empire State Building

The top floor of the building is more often referred to as the top of the rock. Almost all tourists who are inspired by NY prefer to be on the top of the rock. You have no idea about what you will be able to see while standing at the top of the one of the most famous buildings in the world. You should time your visit close to the sunset time in order to witness the best of NY. The twinkling mosaic you will be able to witness is going to leave a traceable mark on your memory.

Empire State Building

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1. 9/11 Memorial

Your trip will remain unfinished unless if you travel to the 9/11 Memorial dedicated to all those who were killed in the terrorist attacks at the site. The reflecting pools you will see have been with the names of all those who were killed. It should be noted that you might experience some sorrow, but at the same time, you will be amazed with the resilience of the souls and the people around. It is for sure that New Yorkers do fight anything that comes there way with great courage and sacrifice.

Sept 11 Museum Funding

Image Source: nypost.com

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