10 Celebrities Who Were Teen Moms

Believe it or not, there have been some celebrities who have had babies before they are married. You might have known some of these celebrities were moms but what you might not have known is that they were pregnant as teens. Check out these 10 celebs who were teen moms.

10. Keisha Castle Hughes

Keisha was born on March 24th, 1990 and is known as an Australian born actress from New Zealand. She was nominated for a lot of awards. She was even nominated for the award Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards and also for the Best Young Actress award that she did win back in 2004. She was a mom at 17 years of age.


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9. Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor’s full name is Nicole Renee Taylor and she was born on March 5th, 1975. She’s not known for acting but more for modeling. She started her modeling career when she was only 13 years old in South Florida and signed a modeling contract for $500,000 after winning a Fresh Face contest. Her first magazine she was in as the cover was Seventeen back in the year 1989. However, when she was 19 years old she became pregnant to twin boys and eloped to Matt Martinez, a Miami Hooters linebacker who was also the father of the boys.


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8. Solange Knowles

If the name Solange Knowles doesn’t ring a bell right away then perhaps Beyonce might. Solange Knowles is Beyonce’s kid sister. She’s also a songwriter and model. She was interested in music at a very early age and in Destiny’s Child she had a lot of stints. When she was just 16 years of age, she released Solo Star which was her very first studio album back in the year 2003. When she was 17 years old she became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She married the father of the baby, Daniel Smith.


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7. Loretta Lynn

You might not know this but she was married at just 13 years of age. By the time she was 18 years old she had four children. She was married to husband Mooney for about 50 years. She has received a lot of awards for her role that she played in with country music because it was groundbreaking. One of her most popular songs includes the hit song Coal Miner’s Daughter.


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6. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a popular Colombian actress and she’s also a model, television hostess and a comedian. Some of her films that she appears in includes Four Brothers, Meet The Browns and the film Madea Goes to Jail. She also had success with her roles on Happy Feet Part Two, New Year’s Eve and The Smurfs. When she was 19 years old she gave birth to her boy and named him Manolo. She married the father for a short time but later split up with him.


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5. Anna Nicole Smith

Did you know that Anna Nicole Smith was just 17 years old when she became pregnant? She first became popular in Playboy and then she also became an actress plus a personality with television. She appeared in the 1995 film To the Limit and for a time she had stopped acting but in 2003 she appeared in the film Wasabi Tuna.


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4. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr was born on November 3, 1952 and she’s a writer, actress, television producer, comedian and she’s also a director. She first started out doing standup comedy at clubs. Later on she became very famous for the role she had on Roseanne. Between the years 1998 to 2000 she had her very own talk show called The Roseanne Show. One thing that you might not know about her is that when she was 17 years old, she became pregnant and gave her baby girl that she had up for adoption.


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3. Shirley Temple

Yes, your beloved curly top sweetheart actress became pregnant when she was just 19 years old. However, she did marry when she was only 17. Back in 1950 she was divorced for just 11 days then later she remarried again to Charles Alden Black. They stayed married until he died back in the year 2005. Some of the most famous Shirley Temple movies include Stand Up and Cheer!, Curly Top, Bright Eyes and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.


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1. Naomi Judd

Naomi Judd, country singer gave birth to a girl (Wynonna Judd) when she was only 18 years old. The father of the baby abandoned her but then shortly after, Judd married. Later she had another girl after marrying Michael Ciminella but they ended up divorcing and she raised the girls by herself. Some of her most popular country songs include Why Not Me, I know Where I’m Going, Girls Night Out and Dream Chaser.


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10. Maya Angelou

Most of us know Maya Angelou as a poet but what you might not know is that she was also a mother at just 17 years of age. She only had one child and called him Clyde but later on he decided to change his name to Guy Johnson. Maya was not only a poet but she was a Television producer, film producer and she was also a journalist. She graduated from George Washington High School.


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Just because they are a celebrity doesn’t make them perfect. When you do some research and study your favorite celebrity you might actually be surprised as to what all you learn about them. I encourage you to do some research on your favorite celebrity and see what you end up learning from it and impress your friends with your newest information that you have them.

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