Top 10 Halloween Accessories That Will Help You Look Like A Pop Star

Do you want to look like a pop star this year? Maybe you would like to look like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, or maybe even one of the Spice Girls. Having a costume that resembles them is a great start but then there are some accessories that you should think about getting to help with completing your costume.

Check out these top 10 Halloween Accessories That Will Help You Look Like a Pop Star:

10. A Microphone

It all depends as to what type of pop star you might want to look like as to what kind of microphone you should have. Some pop stars use glitter microphones, others just use a microphone headset. If you’re unsure as to what type of microphone your pop star uses then watch a video of them first and see what they tend to use the most. If you’re still unsure, you can never go wrong with just having a microphone in your hand.


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9. Sequined Gloves

A lot of pop stars like to wear gloves at some point. Michael Jackson loved wearing his sequin gloves. Others like to just wear black gloves. Some costumes come with the gloves and others do not. If your costume does not come with gloves, then you might want to double check and see if you should get the gloves elsewhere.


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8. Glasses/Sun glasses

Many pop stars love to wear glasses. If you’re going out at night make sure the glasses you get will allow you to see properly at night. One famous pop star known for her sun glasses is Katy Perry. Other stars that have been spotted wearing really awesome sun glasses include Lady Gaga and Madonna. Often times the glasses don’t come with the costume and you have to buy those separately.


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7. A special crown/hat/headband

Again, it really depends on who you are trying to look like as to if you should wear either a crown or a hat. Some famous singers spotted for wearing awesome crowns or hats include Rihanna, Ke$ha, Shanina and Lady Gaga. Look at their videos closely and decide as to what crown or hat might be the best one for you to wear. This is another item that you might have to buy separately. Other singers might also prefer wearing headbands instead of crowns or hats.


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6. A Mask

Sometimes, there’s just no way to get around it. A mask might just be a must for you to wear. Lady Gaga is one example of a pop star who wears some crazy masks. She did one night in Berlin with the chicken mask. Michael Jackson even wore a mask. Katy Perry has worn some masks in a few of her videos. The great thing about a mask is they don’t actually have to match the costume to look cool.


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5. Glow Sticks

A glow stick helps to light up the stage with some singers but can be a great accessory to add with your costume especially if you’re going out at night. The good news most stars use a variety of glow sticks at their show so you can’t go wrong picking out a purple, orange, blue or green or some other color glow stick.


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4. A Belt

I am sure that this is one accessory that you did not expect to see. Some singers go all out on their belts. If you want to look like a pop star diva from the 50’s then you’ll need to wear a big black belt. There are some singers who like to wear small belts. A few costumes even include the belt so you just might get lucky and not have to wear a belt. A lot of singers like to wear just all black belts but some love to have colorful belts. One example is that the Kiss costume usually comes with a black and silver belt.


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3. Cuffs

Silver or black cuffs happen to be the most popular kind of cuffs singers wear. However, just like with the belts the color of the cuff can vary depending on what they are wearing. This part of the costume is often times included if needed but then other times you’ll find that you might have to buy the cuffs elsewhere separately.


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2. Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is something else to take into consideration. The jewelry is something that you can really customize yourself. Just because they don’t have it on doesn’t mean that you don’t have to add in with your costume. In fact, sometimes adding in your own personal addition to the costume can make it look special and really unique. Some costume jewelry worth looking into includes bracelets and necklaces.


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1. A Wig

The wig is one of the most important parts of the costume. Most costume outfits include the wig in with it but then you’ll find others that don’t. The wig can help other people know you might be dressing up like and without the wig; they might not be able to figure it out. There’s a variety of pop star Halloween wigs available.


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Figuring out what pop star you want to be for Halloween can be very fun but yet at the same time a task. Don’t rush into it because then you might forget a very important accessory that you needed to go with your costume. Ask your friends and other pop star fans if they have any recommendations as to what additional things you should onto your costume to make it unique.

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